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District Level Services

  • What message is your district and/or campus sending through its communication? Prospective parents and employees are listening as they decide where to send their children, where to work and whether or not to support your goals. Communications should be well-planned, targeted and supportive of strategic goals.

    This service provides support in the areas of:

    • Communications & Branding
    • Design Services

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    Contact Communications at 254-451-7041 for more information.

  • This service will provide an in-depth analysis of district programs. ESC Region 12 staff will request a list of documents specific to the program area. Interviews will be conducted of campus administrators, program staff and teachers. Information will be organized into a report that includes findings, areas where improvement is needed (along with recommendations), strengths, and additional resources/support.

    Any services or program supported, including:

    • Business Office Procedures
    • Child Nutrition
    • Counseling 
    • Curriculum Management 
    • Data Management 
    • Emergency Operations/School Safety Measures
    • Federal Grants & Programs
    • House Bill 5 Compliance
    • Information Services (PEIMS, Ascender, etc.)
    • Information Technology Audits
    • Special Education Requirements
    • State Initiatives 
  • This program provides professional development and required training to school board members. Topics include:

    • Orientation and Update to the Texas Education Code
    • Team building
    • Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes
    • Finance and Budgeting
    • Customized Training
    • Lone Star Governance
    • Human Trafficking
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  • ESC Region 12 Strategic Leadership serves as a partner for schools to provide training and support for strong systems that drive successful district and staffing options. Our goal is to place quality teachers in classrooms.


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  • Strategic planning provides the opportunity to set the direction and priorities for the district. Stakeholders clarify and articulate shared values, mission and vision. Engaging in this important work allows districts to simplify decision-making and drive alignment while focusing on the #1 priority: STUDENTS.

    This service provides support in the areas of:

    • Plan Development
    • Facilitation
    • Technology Survey Support


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  • ESC Region 12 offers professional development, expert assistance and guidance to superintendents, central office administrators, campus leadership and school boards.


    The service provides a link of communication between ESC Region 12, TEA and local education agencies.


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  • TIA allows districts to incentivize teacher pay in order to compensate high performing teachers and encourage placement on rural or high-needs campuses. To be eligible for these funds, districts must develop a local designation system to use to designate high-performing teachers as Recognized, Exemplary or Master.


    ESC Region 12 has qualified and experienced specialists who can support districts as they build their local designation system. Our team is trained to provide practice-based professional development and coaching to campuses on Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) in the areas of action coaching, data driven instruction, change management, communication, and student growth. The processes we have learned and implemented through TIL are valid and reliable. We also have team members who have worked to support districts with their human resources departments to support human capital and compensation.


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    General Application Support 


    Jennifer Conner

    (254) 297-1153

  • TEKS Resource System Leadership Support provides an opportunity for campus and/or district-level administrators to receive development updates and professional development related to the TEKS Resource System. 

    Services include:
    • TEKS Resource System Leadership Network Meetings
    • Expert assistance
    • Ongoing communication

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  • Practice-based professional development provides district and campus leaders with job-embedded expert assistance and leadership support. This guidance improves district and campus performance through systematic face-to-face professional development with leadership teams, followed by job-embedded implementation support. Year one participants will receive specific instruction in change management theory and application.

    *Services may include:

    • Campus Leadership Collaboration Conference
    • Focus 1: Observation and Feedback
    • Focus 2: Data-Driven Instruction
    • Focus 3: Student and Staff Culture
    • Focus 4: Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment
    *Customized services may also be delivered upon request.


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Campus Level Services

  • Campus liaisons provide professional development, expert assistance and ongoing support to campus  and central office administrators throughout the region. Professional development is offered in required areas including professional development planning, team and culture development, AEL, T-TESS, T-PESS, Impact Coaching, GPC, building leadership capacity and new teacher T-TESS orientation. Team building, culture building and campus visits are conducted upon request.


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  • Provides a clear vision for what schools across the state do to ensure an excellent education and how the district can support them. The ESF also allows campuses and districts to understand their current implementation of best practices in relation to the ESF through a diagnostic process resulting in the identification of high leverage focus areas for campus growth. An ESF Diagnostic is a collaborative partnership with an approved ESF Facilitator and campus/district leadership teams.
    The diagnostic process includes a pre-work assignment, pre-visit conversation, an on-site campus visit and a diagnostic summary conversation with a final report.


    This service includes:


    • ESF One-Hour Overview
    • ESF Deep Dive
    • ESF Diagnostic
    • ESF/Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) Alignment
  • This service will assist schools with designing, constructing and utilizing a data dashboard to drive student improvement.

    • Gathering data
    • Assistance with creation of data dashboard to best support improvement
    • Support for training to effectively use data dashboard
    • Accountability 101
  • The High School Course and Transcript support provides technical assistance in helping districts with information regarding curriculum decisions and transcripts. With the implementation of the Foundation High School diploma (HB5), districts can receive support with information about PGPs, transfer credits, curricular alignment within core subjects, electives and endorsement pathways.

    Services includes:

    • Professional Development based upon needs of district leadership and counselor
    • Expert Assistance
    • Ongoing communication



    Jennifer Serrato

    (254) 297-1172

  • Instructional Leadership Symposium (formerly Curriculum Council) provides an opportunity for campus and/or district-level decision makers in the area of curriculum and instruction to become knowledgeable about legislative changes, curriculum resources, and other timely curriculum initiatives through expert assistance and face-to-face professional development. District and Campus Administrators, Curriculum Directors, and Central Office Personnel for public and charter schools will receive timely and accurate statutory information concerning curriculum, instruction and state assessments.


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  • Leadership liaisons provide professional development, expert assistance and support to campus and central office administrators. Professional development offered as part of the co-op is determined by our annual needs assessment, current trends and state priorities. 
    Professional Development includes: 

    • Campus Leadership Collaboration Conference
    • Leadership PLC Collaboration
    • Book Study - Leadershift
    • Accountability
    • Master Scheduling
    • Instructional Leadership Symposium

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  • The Statewide Assessment program provides professional development, expert assistance, and professional services as requested to ESC Region 12 customers in the area of assessment of students including those with disabilities, including allowable and appropriate accommodations, and eligibility for and administration of alternate and modified assessments; English Language Learners and general education students.Testing programs include STAAR, STAAR Alt and TELPAS. 

    Services include:
    • Testing Coordinator Training and Support
    • Expert Assistance
    • Ongoing Communication
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  • As part of HB4545, effective June 16, 2021, any student who did not pass STAAR grades 3-8 or EOC assessments, must receive accelerated instruction in the 2021-2022 school year (starting in fall 2021) or subsequent summer of 2022. Accelerated instruction entails either 1) assigning a classroom teacher who is a certified master, exemplary, or recognized teacher, or 2) delivering supplemental instruction (e.g., tutoring) before or after school, or embedded in the school day and meeting HB 4545 requirements.


    ESC Region 12 is offering a number of services to support schools and districts as they develop tutoring programs in accordance with the legislation.


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Human Resources

  • The ESC Region 12 job board offers a place to post openings.  Members of the ESC Region 12 Personnel Plus Co-op may post job openings on the ESC Region 12 Job Posting Board for no additional charge. Non-members can purchase this as an individual service. 

  • ESC Region 12 is dedicated to offering a comprehensive solution for your district’s medical benefits needs. The goal is for educators to help educators by putting the control of health care back in the districts hands. Using buying power to reduce administration costs and access fees, the Universal Benefits Consortium will provide best in class services at affordable costs. All providers have agreed to significantly lower fees as the consortium grows.


    View Details about our Level-Funded Plan >

    View Details about our Self-Funded Plan >


  • Co-op members receive these vital services at a great co-op price.


    Certification Services
    • Current certification information
    • Expert assistance for certification issues
    • Accurate, immediate responses to your questions

    Additional Benefits

    • Annual Job Fair & Area Job Fairs/Promotions
      • Free booth at the annual job fair ($100 value)
      • Teacher recruitment for all ESC Region 12 districts at area job fairs
    • Professional Development
      • Reduced fee for members to attend multiple workshops presented by TASB at ESC Region 12 ($25 discount per person)
    • Personnel Directors’ Network Meeting
      • Four working lunch meetings held during the school year
      • Round-table discussions on current trends in personnel
      • Best practices, shared by Personnel Directors or HR staff
  • Does your district need a part-time counselor, librarian, nurse or communications consultant? ESC Region 12 offers certified contract personnel on demand to fill your district and campus needs! 

    Let us find the perfect match for your district. ESC Region 12 will conduct job searches and pay the benefits to make the process as easy and cost-efficient as possible.

    Looking to fill a different personnel position? Give us a call, we will customize our offerings based upon your individual need.

Campus Leadership Services
Principal Liaison
(254) 297-1161
Ed. Specialist/Coordinator
Eduphoria Certified/DMAC Solutions
(254) 297-1151
Secondary Principal Liaison
(254) 297-1101
Principal Liaison Lead
(254) 297-1278
Principal Liaison
(254) 297-1144
Coordinator for Testing and Accountability
(254) 297-1227
Secondary Principal Liaison
(254) 297-1115
Digital Innovation, Social Studies
(254) 297-1284
Center Operations
Deputy Executive Director
HR/Personnel on Demand/Supt Leadership/School Board Training
(254) 297-1203
Administrative Assistant
(254) 297-1285
Human Resources
Ed. Specialist/Nurse
Health/Wellness/School Safety
(254) 297-1137
HR/Benefits Officer
(254) 297-1206
HR Support
(254) 297-1208
Clerk I/Greeter
(254) 297-1171
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