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House Bill 3 (HB3) - Texas School Finance

House Bill 3 (HB3) Resources


The 86th Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB 3), a sweeping and historic school finance bill. The bill provides more money for Texas classrooms, increases teacher compensation, reduces recapture and cuts local property taxes for Texas taxpayers. 


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SB 149

Individual Graduation Committees (IGC)

Senate Bill 149 has revised the state’s assessment graduation requirements for students enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade for the 2014-2015, 2015-2016, or 2016-2017 school years. A student who has failed the EOC assessment graduation requirements for no more than two courses may receive a Texas high school diploma if the student has qualified to graduate by means of an individual graduation committee (IGC) determination. This provision was extended by SB 463 in 2017 to last until September 1, 2019.  


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Foundation High School Program Resources


House Bill 5, enacted in July 2013, has had a huge impact upon Texas schools and high schools in particular. The Education Service Center Region 12 is dedicated to helping support our schools implement the Foundation HS program. With so many areas being affected, multiple offices at the Center work collaboratively to compile and share information coming from the Texas Education Agency (TEA).


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Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) logo from TEA

Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA)


The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) allows districts to incentivize teacher pay in order to compensate high performing teachers and encourage placement on rural or high-needs campuses. To be eligible for these funds, districts must develop a local designation system to use to designate high-performing teachers as Recognized, Exemplary or Master. ESC Region 12 has qualified and experienced specialists who can support districts as they build their local designation system.


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A-F Accountability Resources

A-F Accountability Resources

The 85th Legislature passed HB 22, changing the Texas school accountability system so that every campus and district receives ratings from A-F through a Domain system. The law requires schools and districts to be issued grades based on three different areas of performance or “domains,” and those three grades must be combined into a single overall rating. To support a full understanding of the A-F system.


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Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN)

Texas Virtual School Network

Education Service Center Region 12, in partnership with the Texas Education Agency, serves as the Regional Liaison for the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN) and provides assistance and support to Region 12 districts interested in participating in this statewide network.


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Foster Care & Student Success

Foster Care & Student Success

Foster Care & Student Success, housed in Texas Education Agency’s Division of Federal and State Education Policy maintains resources and information to advance the education of student's impacted by foster care. The resources and materials provide guidance related to the unique circumstances surrounding students who are in the foster care system and attend Texas public schools.


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