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Region 12 schools rely on us to provide relevant, affordable professional development and support to educators and school boards. Training is developed in response to state and federal requirements, best practices and student needs. 


We're excited to offer a variety of delivery methods for our professional development, designed to fit the schedules, learning styles and location constraints of all educators in our region. All professional development sessions feature highly qualified, expert instructors and research-based strategies. Learn more about the different ways you can experience professional development from ESC Region 12 below.

Types of Training 
  • Our face-to-face professional development delivered at ESC Region 12 offices or onsite in your district offers in-person instruction via large conferences or individual training sessions.
  • Virtual sessions are professional development experiences that take place solely online. This flexible, online model enables educators to participate from home or school, eliminating travel time and costs.

  • As part of our digital convergence movement known as transformED, we are transforming our professional development delivery services to model modern learning for today’s educators. Our transformed professional development model follows a blended approach where educators engage in pre-session coursework online, experience meaningful learning activities face-to-face and online, implement strategies learned in the blended session in their educational setting and share their implementation experience with a Professional Learning Community. Each blended session provides access to session materials and activities through our Canvas Learning Management System. Participants receive a Canvas account that gives them access to all the professional development sessions in which they are registered with ESC Region 12 via the Canvas Dashboard.


    By moving to a blended model, teachers will be empowered to create classrooms where students engage in meaningful learning experiences at least in part through online learning with some element of control over time, path, pace and place and are given opportunities to:

    • learn in flexible spaces,
    • experience personalized learning pathways,
    • participate in key decisions in their learning experiences,
    • create for an authentic audience both locally and globally, and
    • experience learning in collaboration with peers and experts locally and globally.


    Learn more about transformED >
  • Concurrent sessions are professional development experiences that offer limited in-person attendance as well as a virtual attendance simultaneously.


    When registering for a concurrent session, customers will be asked to choose between the virtual or on-site option at the time of registration. Should a customer want to switch their choice of format as the date approaches, they should email

  • Instructional Coaching is customizable, onsite instructional coaching by an ESC Region 12 specialist delivered in a full-day format.


    The Campus Coach model is specifically designed to empower teams of teachers. Teams may be identified by grade-level clusters, subject or course, department or area of interest (e.g., student engagement, new teacher support, differentiation, reading in the content areas). 


    Customizable services include: 

    • Face-to-face, online or blended professional development (PD)
    • Collaborative planning
    • Data analysis
    • Resource alignment
    • Classroom observations
    • Model/team teaching