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What is transformED?

Today’s students are highly connected, collaborative and resourceful. Growing up with technology has “shrunk” the world they live in and built an expectation of immediacy and accessibility. They’ve grown accustomed to having answers at their fingertips and expect real world applications for the material they’re learning.  

ESC Region 12 has adopted a Digital Convergence Initiative designed to assist our region’s schools in making the fundamental change needed to meet the needs of today’s learners. We refer to this initiative as transformED. We are transforming our professional development delivery system to a more personalized approach that incorporates a blended learning model and flexible learning spaces.  

  • Innovative Teaching Academy

    This new academy will give you opportunities to get informed, get connected, and learn to inspire others. Learn More >


    Professional development opportunities delivered through ALISEN will allow teachers to approach active learning instruction through the lenses of pedagogy, action research and/or technology. Learn More >

    transformED 1:1

    Through this program, our team will assist your leadership team and staff successfully implement a device initiative for your campus or district. Learn More >

    Blended/Virtual Coaching Services

    These models allow our specialists to support teachers concerning best practices. Blended and virtual coaching provides:

    • Convenience - Recordings can be made any day for specific classes.
    • Self-reflection - Observing themselves
    • No class interruption - No formal observers in the room

    Contact: Kristin Arterbury | karterbury@esc12.net | 254-197-1115