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 As the Digital Innovation Team at ESC Region 12, we help educators  design innovative learning experiences for today's learners.  It is our priority to provide engaging professional development that will prepare teachers to integrate technology and implement innovation in the classroom.


Andi McNair

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  • transformED 2022 is coming June 14-15!

    Save The Date TransformEd 2022

  • Transforming Education through Digital Innovation

    A personalized, comprehensive plan to move your district toward your modern learning goals.

    Through this service, the Digital Innovation team will work with your administration and staff to address every aspect of implementing a 1:1 device program on your campus or district. Through conversations, activities, and action plans we will refine and personalize:

    • Leadership and Culture
    • Vision
    • Implementation Plan
    • Infrastructure
    • Sustainability
    • Evaluation
    • Community Support
    • Equity in Access and Opportunity
    • Personalized Professional Development

    If you are interested in this service or just have more question, please contact a specialist listed on this page.

  • October 19, 2022. 9-4 @ Esc Region 12 in Waco, TX

    Register @ ESC Works Session 288464

    Contact: Joshua Essary

    This summit will be an opportunity for educators and education leaders to learn more engaging strategies and ideas for using Google in schools. Participants will learn innovative applications to popular applications, discover tools and techniques to improve their efficiency and productivity at work, and connect with other Googley people from around the region.

    Definition of "Googley" (according to Google) - Googley people are creative, passionate about their work, and ethical. They communicate openly; can thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment; and are willing to "roll up their sleeves" and get things done. They can be serious without wearing a suit and tie. Googley people can be worldwide experts and still encourage curiosity and questions without being condescending.
    Register to attend
    Submit a presentation proposal
    Request to be a vendor and/or donate.
    Centex Educators Summit featuring Google on October 19 at ESC Region 12.
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    The ESC Region 12 Google Educators group is a group of people who want to learn more about Google and share what they know about Google. By joining (for free), you get the following benefits:

    • Access to our open forum
      • Talk Google with Educators
    • Monthly Google Updates
      • 1 hour virtual meeting
    • Demonstrations/How-Tos

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Show Notes

Episode 3: Back To The Future - Jigsaw

In this episode we talk about a tried and true strategy and why it might get a bad reputation. Let us know if you use it or plan on using it. Here are the sources that we referenced in this episode:

Alternative Approaches

Hattie Effect Size

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Joshua Essary -

Andi McNair -

Kari Espin -

Lisa Cisneros -

Episode 2: Meaningful Technology

On this episode we discussed what it means to have meaningful technology. Below are the resources we spoke of in the show:

  • My 1 Tool
  • 3 Measurements: Will it engage and empower, Will it help them make connection, Will it deepen their understanding.

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Andi McNair -

Kari Espin -

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Episode 1: Core Beliefs

We officially launched out first 12:12 podcast via ESC Region 12 in Waco, TX. We talked about core beliefs and how important they are and how they ground you in your passions and drive your work. Share your core beliefs with us on our social media

What We Are Listening To:

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Andi McNair -

Kari Espin -

Lisa Cisneros -

ESC Region 12 educational specialists are widely considered leaders in education, speaking at conferences across the nation as experts in their field. Many of these specialists can be contracted as keynote speakers for your events, conferences or on-site professional development.


Andi McNair, ESC Region 12 Specialist

Andi was a classroom teacher for 16 years before pursuing her passion to change education by sharing practical ways to engage and empower this generation of learners. She is currently a digital innovation specialist at ESC Region 12 and is passionate about using meaningful technology in the classroom.

Andi’s keynotes are designed to shift mindsets and change perspectives.  She spends time helping the audience understand the “why” first, then moves into the “how” to make it happen in any classroom, on any campus, or in any district.

Visit Andi McNair's site >

The Innovative Teaching Academy is a learning experience that will prepare educators to engage and empower this generation of learners. The length of this program lasts 1 year, and consists of attending learning experiences, connecting with other educators, and inspiring others by sharing what you have learned. 

We will start taking application for ITA starting January 2022, and the accepted cohort will start June 2022

Email us if you would like us to add you to a notification list when the application goes live.