Counseling & School Support
Counseling and School Support

Counseling Services offers expert assistance, updates, including legislative and legal mandates, and support for initiatives in public education that enhance student development and academic achievement.

Services include:

  • Guidance and support for ethical and legal accountability
  • ApplyTexas reauthorization
  • Crisis Response Support and Intervention
  • Technical assistance for topics relative to the needs of school counselors
  • Updates regarding legislative mandates; including HB 19 LMHA (Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Trauma & Grief and Grief & Trauma in IDD Population
  • New Counselor Academy
  • Specialized contract counseling services are available for additional mental health support
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in the field of counseling, upcoming training events, and valuable insights into mental health and well-being in our monthly Region 12 Counselor Smore.

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  • Explore a comprehensive Scholarship Hub featuring a wide range of opportunities to support student’s educational journey and future aspirations.

  • Our transcript audit service performs a comprehensive review of your high school transcript, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your school district.

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  • The Counselor Membership offers the latest professional development, expert assistance, information updates, legislative mandates, and networking with professional counselors in an effort to enhance school campus achievement and performance.


    Benefits include:

    • Guidance and support for ethical and legal accountability
    • Updates regarding legal mandates\
    • Crisis Response Team (CRT) and Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI)
    • Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC) and Continuing Professional Development (CPE) Credits
    • Counselor trainings and workshops provided at no additional cost
    • Discount for student presentations/assemblies
    • Additional resources and tools to support statewide initiatives relevant to school counseling as needed


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  • Explore the TSCA SCHOLAR website ( to access valuable resources and information for Texas school counselors, supporting your professional growth and enhancing your ability to make a positive impact on students' lives.
  • Counselor tech tools can enhance relaxation and mindfulness practices by offering guided meditation sessions and creating virtual quiet rooms for clients seeking moments of tranquility and stress relief.


    Counselor Tech Tools

  • Counselor Consult services provide valuable opportunities for counselors to collaborate, seek guidance, and gain insights from experienced peers, ultimately enhancing the quality of their Counseling Program.

  • These presentations are affordable, grade-level appropriate presentations that are motivating, engaging and inspiring, led by experienced speakers trained in youth counseling.


    Presentation topics include:

    • Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention
    • Making Healthy Choices
    • Suicide Prevention - AS+K?
    • Positive Peer Interaction
    • Trauma Sensitive Schools
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid
    • NEW- Living, Surviving, and Thriving in a Screen World
    • Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
    • Crisis Prevention
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Exploring Childhood 2.0
    • Establishing Healthy Relationships
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    • Psychological First Aid
    • Digital Responsibility and Social Media Safety
    • 40 Developmental Assets (Search Institute)



    Related Professional Development & Services:

    • Ethics Conversations
    • Crisis Training & Student Safety
    • True Colors Personality Training
    • Behavior Threat Assessment Trainer
    • Technical assistance for safety
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid with Certified YMHFA Instructor
    • Counselor Appreciation Luncheon
    • Teen Suicide Prevention Symposium
    • Human Trafficking Prevention
    • Crisis Recovery Support
    • Liaison for Texas School Safety Center

This section provides resources for post secondary readiness. 

  • College Prep Courses & TSI - Under Section 28.014 of the Texas Education Code, each school district is required to partner with at least one institution of higher education (IHE) to develop and provide college preparatory courses in English language arts and mathematics.  However, each high school within the school district is not required to offer these courses. 
  • Credit by Exam - The rules and guidelines for how students receive high school credit via examination have been updated. (May 30, 2014)
  • Texas OnCourse - Check out these free monthly webinar series in a variety of topics to help support your students in middle and high school. 
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The purpose of the ESC12 Secondary Counselors listserv is to provide information regarding best practices, improvement plans, GPA/rank, transcript audits, credits, and graduation requirements. Subscribing to this listserv will also provide updates on current trends and issues related to Texas Accountability, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and  College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR).

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