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Education Service Center Region 12 provides a variety of student software and PEIMS support packages that are designed to assure district financial data is accurate and available in a timely manner.  Explore our services in the tabs below. 


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McKamie, David
(254) 297-1229


The ASCENDER Student Software is a web-based fully featured student software package designed exclusively for Texas Schools with accompanying support by ESC Student Support Staff. 


    • ASCENDER Exports: TRex, Unique ID, Cafeteria, STAAR/TAKS Precoding, Online STAAR/TAKS EOC, DMAC Class Roster, Eduphoria
    • ASCENDER/PEIMS Workshops for Campus Users, Counselors, Principals and PEIMS Personnel
    • Attendance/Attendance Letter System
    • Core Collections
    • Discipline/TeacherPortal Referrals
    • Document Storage
    • Grade Reporting/GPA & Transcripts
    • Graduation Plan
    • Health including State Mandated Reports
    • New Student Online Enrollment
    • Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Reporting
    • ParentPortal
    • ParentPortal New Student Online Registration
    • ParentPortal Online Registration for returning students
    • PEIMS Support (Includes UID & TREx)
    • Registration
    • Scheduling
    • Special Education 
    • StudentPortal
    • Test Scores
    • TeacherPortal
    • TSDS



Murray, Cindy
ASCENDER Coordinator
(254) 297-1218


Boyd, Samantha
Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1150

Elkins, Anna
Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1233

Edwards, Kari
Student Software Analyst/Team Lead
(254) 297-1232

Horstman, Lorna
Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1239


For information about our ASCENDER Business Software & Support, please visit our Business Services page


The Skyward Student Management SMS 2.0 and Qmlativ Software are web-based, fully featured student information system software packages designed to support Texas School Districts with accompanying support from ESC Student Support Staff.


    • Athletic Eligibility
    • Attendance
    • Data Mining
    • Demographics
    • Discipline
    • Educator Access+ (Gradebook)
    • ECDS
    • Family/Student Access
    • Fee Management
    • Food Service
    • Fully Hosted Disaster Recovery
    • Grading (Report Cards/Transcripts)
    • Graduation Requirements / Endorsements / Career Plans
    • Health Records
    • Lesson Plans
    • Master Schedule Builder
    • New Student Online Enrollment
    • Online Registration
    • Open Enrollment
    • PEIMS Support (UID, Event Tracking and TREx)
    • Scheduling (Current/Future)
    • SMS-Mobile
    • State Software Field Level Support
    • Texas State Reporting
    • TSDS
    • Transportation Reporting
    • Web Hosting


For information about our Skyward Business Software & Support, please visit our Business Services page



Roeder, Beverley
Assistant Director
(254) 297-1273

Contreras, Janet
Skyward Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1228

Linkous, Wendy
Skyward Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1224

Phillips, Connie
Skyward Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1148

Martinez, Kimberly
Skyward Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1209

Stephens, Tom
Skyward Student Software Analyst
(254) 297-1164


ESC Region 12 provides training on TSDS/PEIMS data elements and requirements and facilitates TSDS/PEIMS services to meet statewide submission requirements.


    • TSDS PEIMS and Core Collection training
    • Facilitation of PEIMS/Core Collection processes
    • Student Attendance Accounting Handbook training/support
    • Year-long TSDS PEIMS and Core Collection updates
    • Discipline training
    • TREx, Unique ID, and Event Tracking Support
    • New PEIMS Coordinator training



Raney, Linda
Assistant Director
(254) 297-1231

Hays, Alyssa
PEIMS Support/Department Assistant
(254) 297-1223
Russell, April
(254) 297-1136
Henson, Terri
TX Education Exchange TSDS Analyst
(254) 297-1133

Resendez, Christina
(254 297-1186

Sherrod, Tracy
(254) 297-1222

The OnData Suite Software is a web-based PEIMS focused data analysis tool that adds value to your PEIMS information by providing access to thousands of reports. Hosting service is provided by ESC Region 12.

OnData Suite is designed around simplicity.  The District administrator simply uploads PEIMS and TAKS/STAAR data files into the system and the files are automatically disaggregated into thousands of reports.  There is no need for the user to learn complex report writing.  All of this is offered in a simple “clickable” format.
Reports include:
  • All student and staff data for prior 10 years
  • All actual financial data
  • All budget financial data
  • Bilingual PBMAS accountability reports
  • Career Tech PBMAs accountability reports
  • NCLB Bilingual PBMAS accountability reports
  • Special Ed PBMAS accountability reports
  • FIRST rating report
  • Office of Civil Rights (OCR) report
  • Student Cohort reports
  • TAKS/STAAR to PEIMS Disaggregation 
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