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Career & Technical Education

Promoting college, career & military readiness for all students

ESC Region 12 offers professional development, expert assistance and guidance in meeting Career and Technical Education (CTE) state and federal requirements, as well as providing college, career and military readiness information and resources.
Texas CTE Resource Center
  • Career & Technical Education Services which include:

    • Professional development and best-practices workshops
    • Expert college, career and military preparation assistance
    • Quarterly updates on state and federal guidelines
    • Performance-based monitoring analysis system 
    • Yearly updates on the Attendance Accounting Handbook 
    • Labor market and career information from the Heart of 
      Texas and Central Texas Workforce Development Boards
    • Connections with secondary & post-secondary 
    • Ongoing information through CTE email group
    • Connections with P-16 Councils
    • CTE Virtual PLCs
    • Annual College and Career Readiness Workshop

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  • Benefits include: 

    • Technical assistance for districts to establish endorsements and career pathways 
    • Technical assistance for districts to set up the required 12 hours of college credits for all students 
    • Technical assistance with aptitude and interest inventory assessments for 8th graders
    • Counselor assistance in developing four-year career pathway plans for 8th graders
    • Technical assistance for PBM and PBMAS strategies
    • Professional development
    • Technical assistance with evaluation of district CTE program
    • Career Information Delivery System assistance and training 
    • Technical assistance to CTE teachers about student certification  

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    Note: To receive Carl Perkins Services, districts allocated less than $15,000 must become a member of a consortium.

  • This co-operative offers the latest training, expert assistance, informational updates and networking. Benefits include: 

    • Professional development workshops 
    • Quarterly updates on state and federal guidelines 
    • Ongoing information through CTE listserv 
    • Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System updates/interventions 
    • Yearly updates on the Attendance Accounting Handbook 
    • Labor market and career information from the Heart of Texas and Central Texas Workforce Development Boards 
    • Connections with secondary and post-secondary institutions 
    • Registration for Summer Conference

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  • The Texas Education Code requires that each school district partner with at least one institution of higher education to develop and provide courses in college preparatory math and English language arts. These classes should be designed to help Texas high school seniors be ready to enter college at the time of their graduation. ESC Region 12 has developed resources to help you start your programs.



    Larissa Mezynski - ELAR Specialist

    Andi Parr - Math Specialist


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    • Texas Education Code

      Sec. 28.014.  COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSES.  (a)  Each school district shall partner with at least one institution of higher education to develop and provide courses in college preparatory mathematics and English language arts.  The courses must be designed:

      (1)  for students at the 12th grade level whose performance on:
      (A)  an end-of-course assessment instrument required under Section 39.023(c) does not meet college readiness standards; or
      (B)  coursework, a college entrance examination, or an assessment instrument designated under Section 51.334 indicates that the student is not ready to perform entry-level college coursework; and

      (2)  to prepare students for success in entry-level college courses.
      (b)  A course developed under this section must be provided:
      (1)  on the campus of the high school offering the course; or
      (2)  through distance learning or as an online course provided through an institution of higher education with which the school district partners as provided by Subsection (a).
      (c)  Appropriate faculty of each high school offering courses under this section and appropriate faculty of each institution of higher education with which the school district partners shall meet regularly as necessary to ensure that each course is aligned with college readiness expectations.  The commissioner of education, in coordination with the commissioner of higher education, may adopt rules to administer this subsection.
      (d)  Each school district shall provide a notice to each district student to whom Subsection (a) applies and the student's parent or guardian regarding the benefits of enrolling in a course under this section.
      (e)  A student who successfully completes an English language arts course developed under this section may use the credit earned in the course toward satisfying the advanced English language arts curriculum requirement for the foundation high school program under Section 28.025(b-1)(1).  A student who successfully completes a mathematics course developed under this section may use the credit earned in the course toward satisfying an advanced mathematics curriculum requirement under Section 28.025 after completion of the mathematics curriculum requirements for the foundation high school program under Section 28.025(b-1)(2).
      (f)  A course provided under this section may be offered for dual credit at the discretion of the institution of higher education with which a school district partners under this section.
      (g)  Each school district, in consultation with each institution of higher education with which the district partners, shall develop or purchase instructional materials for a course developed under this section consistent with Chapter 31.  The instructional materials must include technology resources that enhance the effectiveness of the course and draw on established best practices.

  • Program Effectiveness Audit for Districts needing assistance with Program Access Review and Program Evaluation Services for CTE program development which provides a viable picture of a CTE program through

    • District Data review
    • Teacher and student surveys
    • District facility review for accessibility
    • Classroom/Laboratory observations
  • Provide in-depth training and consultative support for a campus leadership team by:

    • Providing the College and Career Profile Planning Guide Tool for campus planning
    • Providing support with building a college and career readiness foundation with a campus leadership team. (Prerequisite to implementing the College and Career Readiness Profile Planning Guide Tool.)
    • Providing support to the leadership team in gathering data to make informed, targeted decisions that support a college and career ready culture.
    • Providing support to the leadership team to prioritize college and career readiness goals to develop a comprehensive action plan to decide how to take action on the established goals.
    • Providing training and support in the CCR Profile Planning Guide Implementation.
      • CCR Profile Planning Guide: College and Career Readiness Foundations (prerequisite to implementing the College and Career Readiness Profile Planning Guide.)
      • CCR Profile Planning Guide: Engaging the Campus Leadership Team with Data
      • CCR Profile Planning Guide: Prioritizing College and Career Ready GoalsCCR Profile Planning Guide: Developing a Comprehensive Action Plan
    • Maintain a system of networking among ESC Region 12 districts for information dissemination and regional systemic support for college and career readiness goals, including connections with the local P-20 Council, including the Connect3 Conference.



    Terry (TJ) Arndt | 254-297-1199
  • Post-Secondary Readiness Innovative Delivery Experience (P.R.I.D.E.)
    TransformED learners PRIDE themselves in choosing robust professional development. Join this multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on individual learning and group dynamics. This synergistic academy will include teacher leaders, counselors, campus, and district administrators. A primary focus will include: Accountability (Domain 1), Administrators & Leadership, Counseling & School Health, CTE, English Language Learners, Federal Programs and Special Education.

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  • Vidcode is the most engaging coding curriculum for tweens and teens. Vidcode teaches teens to code by empowering them to create the things they enjoy in their daily lives with code, including video filters and memes. Vidcode is partnered with ESC Region 12, NYC schools, Facebook VR Education and Snapchat to reach teens all over the world.


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CTE Staff Listing
Ed. Specialist
(254) 297-1199
Director, Federal Programs
(254) 297-1252
Secretary II
Support Staff
(254) 297-1257
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Career and Technical Education
Information will be sent to update group members regarding CTE / Perkins IV deadlines. Updates and changes in Perkins IV will be sent out with information that pertains to both state and federal Career and Technical requirements. In addition to this, all CTE workshops and activities will be announced to remind all members of current offerings and professional development activities available.   
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Today’s cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career and technical education (CTE) prepares youth for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers. 

Association of Career and Technical Education

Source: ACTE

YES! Expo logoYES! Expo (Youth Employment Solutions)

Held annually in May, this event is the premiere Career Exploration Event for Youth in the Heart of Texas. Students are exposed to in-demand occupations with leading employers in high-growth industries. Youth are provided with a clear understanding of career opportunities, hands-on activities, and access to dual credit opportunities. 

Register online at


CTE ConferenceCTE Conference

The Regional Career and Technical Education (CTE) Conference is held each June. This conference invites teachers and education administrators to participate in networking and building a repertoire of strategies for increased success in the classroom and academic integration into CTE classrooms.



Career & College Readiness: P-16 Initiatives

“P-16” describes an integrated system of education stretching from preschool (the “P”) through a four-year college degree (“grade 16”). It is designed to improve student achievement by getting children off to a good start, raising academic standards, conducting appropriate assessments, improving teacher quality and generally smoothing student transitions from one level of learning to the next. It also focuses on helping all children meet the proficiency levels needed to succeed at the next education level and in the workforce.

The P-16 philosophy supports students during their early education and K-12 public school experience and builds a bridge from high school completion to postsecondary success. 
Membership includes local and regional K-12, higher education, and business and community leaders.

Regional P-16 Councils work to address the complex issues in their local education systems, while promoting a college-going culture and serving the important purpose of strengthening the state’s progress toward the goals of Closing the Gaps.

ESC Region 12 is a member of the Centroplex P-20 Council, Heart of Texas P-20 Council and Navarro College P-16 council


Proud to partner with:

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SCHOLAR is an organized collection of resources and information, separated into 4 categories relative to typical duties of school counselors.


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NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTSCTE Quarterly Network Program Meetings Dates and Registration Links:

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January 22, 2020 Session #184843

April 23, 2020 Session #184844


English Learners and CTE: Best Practices Session #187987

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