Educator Preparation & Certification

Do you see potential in the next generation of Texas students? Bring your passion, knowledge and experience to the field of education through a high-quality Educator Preparation & Certification program.

Here at Education Service Center (ESC) Region 12, we believe it is never too late to make a lasting difference in a child’s life and change his or her life forever. Our focus is not on preparing you for a certification test. We help you cultivate the skills you need to be a leader in education and the confidence to thrive in your career from day one. 

Paraprofessional Academy


Paraprofessionals are critical partners with educators in the classroom. The ESC Region 12 Paraprofessional Academy prepares the individual to meet the highly qualified requirement in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Participants must demonstrate proficiency in the ability to assist in the instruction of reading, writing, and mathematics in the context of effective teaching practices and classroom management. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment deeming them highly qualified.


Contact: Shirley Strong  |  (254) 297-1140


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Principal Preparation and Certification

principalThe Principal Preparation and Certification Program (PPCP) provides an alternative to the traditional certification path for ESC Region 12 customers. Educators who enter this program must possess a Master’s degree and have completed at least two years of creditable teaching experience.

Candidates are prepared to be campus-level administrators by participating in classroom presentations conducted by local experts in various areas of education, working with a veteran mentor and by being exposed to a wide variety of field-based experiences in campus administration.


Contact: Sharon Davis  |  (254) 297-1161


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Superintendent Certification

portrait photo of African American womanESC Region 12, in partnership with ESC Region 6, offers a 12-month Superintendent Preparation & Certification Program (SPCP) for current campus and district-level administrators. The focus of the program is to prepare candidates who have proven leadership abilities and a strong desire to serve as superintendent of schools for a Texas public school district.

Coursework is divided between face-to-face sessions and online discussions.


Contact: Patrick Murphy  |  (254) 297-2914


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Teacher Preparation and Certification


ESC Region 12 recommends three quality Teacher Preparation and Certification programs for customers to ready to pursue a teaching certificate. 

- ESC Region 4 Inspire Texas
- Texas A&M Central Texas
- McLennan Community College

Using our webpage, you can shop for the certificate program designed to meet your scheduling needs with online and/or face-to-face training options. Each program offers support for classroom preparation and certification testing.


Contact: Shirley Strong  |  (254) 297-1140


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  • Contact:

    Paul Guardiola

    (254) 297-1151



    Are you interested in becoming a teacher, but aren't sure which steps to take next? We have your solution. Complete your training at your convenience and save valuable time and money.


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  • We provide a 20-hour certification course required for new school bus drivers, and an eight hour re-certification course that is required every three years for current school bus drivers. These classes meet the requirements of the Texas Department of Public Safety for all school bus drivers in Texas. Safety issues, responsible driving techniques, student loading/unloading procedures, student management, and emergency procedures are discussed. There is also an overview of state laws affecting school bus transportation. Each participant receives a state approved course guide.


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  • ESC Region 12, in cooperation with ESC Region 4, is offering School Bus Driver Re-certification as an online course. Prior to accessing the link for the course, all of the following requirements must be met.

    1. Your school bus driver certification must be current or must not have expired more than 11 months prior to your expected completion date.
    2. You must verify that your district will accept your re-certification from an online course.
    3. Your school district must have an individual approved by ESC Region 12 to serve as proctor for the required exam

    ESC Region 12 Proctor Registration Form

    If your district does not have an approved test proctor, you may access the link above for the required form for your district. Please complete the form and return as directed. Once approved, the proctor will receive directions for completing and submitting the required documents.


    Register online 


    You will need to pay the fee with a credit card or provide a purchase order. Once you have registered for the course, there are no refunds. You must finish the course in a timely manner. After following all required guidelines and completing the course, you will be provided directions for printing a certificate. 

Grand Canyon Univeristy

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a premier private Christian university located in the heart of Phoenix. GCU partners with ESC Region 12 to provide scholarships for staff, parents, students, and paraprofessionals seeking to further their education. 


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