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"Highly skilled school leaders are not born — nor are they fully forged in the instructional setting of the school classroom. Neither do they emerge fully prepared to lead from traditional graduate programs in school administration. Most likely, effective new principals have been rigorously prepared and deliberately mentored in well-designed programs that immerse them in real-world leadership experiences where they are challenged to excel."


- Southern Regional Education Board, Good Principals Aren't Born - They're Mentored

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The above quote captures the vision of the ESC Region 12 Principal Preparation and Certification Program (PPCP). Research shows that principals account for a quarter, on average, of their school's overall impact on student achievement outcomes. Likewise, research observes that differences in student achievement up to 20 percentage points may occur when a school has a highly-effective principal.

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Therefore, the overarching mission of the Principal Preparation and Certification Program is to increase student achievement in Region 12 schools and beyond by rigorously and deliberately developing, equipping, mentoring and coaching well-prepared, highly effective principals.

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The Region 12 PPCP is a TEA accredited 13-month program with a new cohort beginning each June.

  • The program is a blended model combining both face-to-face instruction and online learning modules aligned to the Principal Standards articulated in Texas Administrative Code §149.2001 and to the Principal as Instructional Leader Competencies found in Texas Administrative Code §241.15.
  • Throughout the program, mentoring, coaching, and support are provided by ESC Region 12 Field Supervisors and PPCP instructors, all veteran school administrators.
  • At least 160 hours of field-based school leadership experiences are accomplished with the support, supervision, and coaching of a Site-Supervisor/Mentor who is a current school administrator.
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To obtain a Principal as Instructional Leader certification in Texas, there are five requirements:

Header that says: Background Check
Pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC), § 22.083, all candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to employment as an educator. If you feel this is a concern and you have questions about eligibility for a Texas educator certificate, TEA staff may perform an evaluation for a non-refundable fee of $50.
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Section header that says: Step 1: Ensure that you meet the Admission Requirements
  • Hold a valid classroom teaching certificate with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.
  • Provide an official Service Record verifying at least two years of creditable teaching experience.
  • Hold a master’s degree from an approved accredited institution with a GPA of at least 3.0 on a four-point scale. Provide official transcripts from master's program.
  • Pass the program screening process which includes a face-to-face interview and a constructed response writing sample. The program screening will be scheduled when all the application documents have been received and processed.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from current supervisor.
  • Submit the Employer Support form completed by current supervisor.
  • Submit three professional references.
  • Meet all application deadlines.
  • Pay an application fee of $75 (non-refundable).
Section header that says Step 2 Application Process

Complete the application form.


Submit the following documents:

  • Official Master's transcript unopened and mailed directly from university to ESC Region 12.
  • Copy of your valid classroom teaching certificate.
  • Copy of your Service Record verifying a minimum of 2 years creditable teaching experience.
  • Letter of recommendation from your current supervisor mailed directly to ESC Region 12.
  • Three professional references (one from your current supervisor) mailed directly to ESC Region 12.
  • Employer Support form mailed directly to ESC Region 12.
Section Header that says: Step 3: Submission of Documents

Submit all required documents to:

ESC Region 12

Attn: PPCP/Sharon Davis

P.O. Box 23409

Waco, TX 76702

Your application will not be processed until we have received all of the above listed items, 

and your application fee has been paid.

Contact a member of our team for more information about the program and the application process.
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The June 2024 Cohort Application window is now closed.

Section header that says: Blended Model

PPCP is a 13-month blended model program beginning in June and ending the following June. The program includes:

  • 6 in-person summer class days
  • 11 Saturday classes scheduled throughout the year, August - May
  • 7 in-person days with both summer and school year options
  • 5 online modules
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Application Fee

A $75.00 non-refundable application fee is required to begin the application process.



  • The tuition for the 13-month program is $6,200. An initial payment of $1,000 is due on or before the first class.
  • Candidates who pay tuition in full on or before the first class will receive a $500 discount.
  • Included in the tuition are a technology fee ($35.00), T-TESS ($525.00), AEL ($525.00), TExES 268 Preparation ($50.00)


View more information about payments and fees here

View more information on how to make your payments here

Fees Paid to Other Entities

  • TExES 268 Registration Fee - paid to Pearson - $200.00
  • PASL Registration Fee - paid to ETS - $375.00 (resubmission fees not included)
  • TExES 268 Practice Exam Fee - $10.00
  • Standard Certificate Application Fee - paid to TEA - $78.00
  • Textbooks - approximately $400.00
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Section header that says: Abbreviated Program Handbook
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Section header that says: Why Choose Region 12 PPCP?
  • You earn T-TESS, AEL and YMHFA certificates as part of the PPCP at no additional fee.
  • All learning is targeted toward your successful completion of both state certification assessments. In
    addition, you will participate in two classes specifically focused on TExES 268 preparation. For PASL
    preparation, you will participate in PASL workshops and PASL coaching throughout the year.
  • You will receive individualized attention from the PPCP staff, who are available to answer your questions
    and guide you through the program every step of the way.
Section Header that says: How Do Principals Affect Students and Schools?

Principals can make a big difference to education. Four practices are key to their effectiveness, starting with a focus on instruction when working with teachers. See the Wallace Foundation Systematic Synthesis of Two Decades of Research (https://wallacefoundation.org/report/how-principals-affect-students-and-schools-systematic-synthesis-two-decades-research#key_takeaways)

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Section header that says: Consumer Information
  • For information about the performance of the program, visit the site: SBEC Completer Report by EPP
  • If you have a complaint regarding the Region 12 Principal Preparation and Certification, contact the PPCP Lead/Field Supervisor (link) to discuss your concern. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, contact the Director of Campus Leadership Services(link) to discuss your concern. If you are unable to resolve your concern, you may refer to the TEA Complaints Management page of the TEA website. 
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Section header that says: Credit for Military Service Member or Military Veteran
  • Candidates in the Texas Alternative Certification Program or the Texas Post-Baccalaureate Program who are current military service members or military veteran candidates may receive credit towards the required training or education hours for Educator Preparation Program (EPP) completion provided that the military service, training or education is directly related to the certificate being sought.
  • To request a review for transfer of military service, training, or education hours, please submit a formal request. Your request should include your certification class (Principal or Superintendent) and documentation of the service, training or education that you would like considered. Some examples of acceptable documentation include course descriptions, certificates of completion, etc. Your request will be reviewed by the program coordinator. A decision will be provided to you in writing.
Section header that says: Criminal History Background Check

Educators must undergo a criminal history background check prior to employment as an educator. Submission of an application authorizes the Region 12, Educator Certification Program (ECP) to obtain any existing criminal history records pertaining to you, the applicant. Failure to disclose information may result in dismissal from the program.


You may request a Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation from TEA only if:

  • You are enrolled or planning to enroll in an educator preparation program or you are planning to take a certification exam for initial educator certification, and
  • You have reason to believe that you may be ineligible for educator certification due to conviction or deferred adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor offense.
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Christa Miller


Christa Miller

Principal Liaison Lead

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Candace Kato

Administrative Assistant

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Sharon Davis

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