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Your one-stop site to access professional development that your school has purchased. MyESC Network was developed to ensure that educators like you know what training and services have been pre-purchased and are available all year long! Browse trainings available to your school below.

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Administrators & Leadership support provides professional development and expert assistance to superintendents, central office administrators, campus leadership and school boards. The service provides a link of communication between ESC Region 12, TEA, and local education agencies.


Memberships include:


The Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment programs provide professional development and expert assistance to PK-12 educators in the areas of TEKS Resource System, STAAR, instructional coaching, instructional strategies, Response to Intervention, technology integration and more. 



Memberships include:


The Federal Programs department provides support and professional development to all ESC Region 12 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and the federal program memberships. Staff provide direct support through personalized expert assistance with a focus on federal compliance and continuous improvement.



Memberships include:

School Support

Coordinated School Health programs provide cost-effective professional development and expert assistance for school health care providers and educators. Program activities are focused on providing research-based training, support, information updates and networking opportunities between state and national health organizations and regional school districts.


Memberships include:

Find trainings available to your school at no additional cost by navigating the links below.

**Updated as of August 2023**

Sessions occurring September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024 are reflected in the 2024 memberships linked below. 

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