ESC Region 12

Region 12 Schools

Region 12 spans 12 counties in Central Texas including 77 school districts and 11 charter schools.

2023-24 Regional School Directory

Note: Most school districts in the following list maintain their own web sites and web servers. ESC Region 12 is not responsible for conditions which adversely affect connectivity to these sites. If you wish to report an incorrect or updated link, please contact us at

Abbott ISD
Lampasas ISD

Academy ISD
LaVega ISD

Aquilla ISD
Lometa ISD

Axtell ISD
Lorena ISD

Malone ISD

Belton ISD
Marlin ISD

Blooming Grove ISD
Mart ISD

Blum ISD
McGregor ISD

Bosqueville ISD
Meridian ISD
Buckholts ISD

Bruceville / Eddy ISD
Mexia ISD

Bynum ISD
Midway ISD

Mildred ISD

Cedar Park Charter Academy - Priority Systems Inc.

Chilton ISD
Moody ISD

China Spring ISD
Morgan ISD

Clifton ISD
Mount Calm ISD
Connally ISD

Mullin ISD

Coolidge ISD

New Horizons (Goldthwaite) - Orenda Charter

Copperas Cove ISD

Nolan Creek School - Orenda Charter

Corsicana ISD

Oglesby ISD

Cove Charter Academy - Priority Systems Inc.
Penelope ISD

Covington ISD
Premier High School of Waco

Cranfills Gap ISD
Priddy ISD

Crawford ISD
Rapoport Academy Public School

Dawson ISD

Rice ISD


Richard Milburn Academy

Evant ISD

Riesel ISD

Fairfield ISD

Robinson ISD

Frost ISD

Rogers ISD

Gatesville ISD

Rosebud - Lott ISD

Gateway (Georgetown) - Orenda Charter

Salado ISD

Gholson ISD

St. Joseph Catholic School

Goldthwaite ISD

St. Mary's School - Temple

Groesbeck ISD

Teague ISD

Hallsburg ISD

Temple Charter Academy - Priority Systems Inc. 

Hamilton ISD

Temple ISD

Harmony Science Academy

Georgetown Charter Academy (Georgetown)
- Priority Systems Inc.

Troy ISD

Hico ISD

Two Dimensions Charter

Hillsboro ISD

University Charter - Methodist Home

Holland ISD

Valley Mills ISD

Hubbard ISD

Waco ISD

Iredell ISD

Walnut Springs ISD

Itasca ISD

West ISD

JHW Inspire Academy - Bell County & Williams House Campus
Westphalia ISD

Jonesboro ISD
Whitney ISD

Kerens ISD
Wortham ISD

Killeen ISD

Kopperl ISD

TEA's Texas School District Locator
Bell County:
Academy ISD Rogers ISD
Belton ISD Salado ISD
Central Texas Christian School St. Joseph Catholic School - Killeen  
Holland ISD
St. Mary's School - Temple
Holy Trinity Catholic
Priority Charter Systems
JHW Inspire Academy - Bell County
Temple ISD
Killeen ISD
Troy ISD
Richard Milburn Academy
Bosque County:
Clifton ISD Meridian ISD
Cranfills Gap ISD Morgan ISD
Iredell ISD Valley Mills ISD
Kopperl ISD Walnut Springs ISD
Coryell County:
Copperas Cove ISD
Jonesboro ISD
Evant ISD Oglesby ISD
Gatesville ISD
Falls County:
Chilton ISD
Rosebud - Lott ISD
Marlin ISD Westphalia ISD
Freestone County:
Dew ISD Teague ISD
Fairfield ISD Wortham ISD
Hamilton County:
Hamilton ISD Hico ISD
Hill County:
Abbott ISD
Hubbard ISD
Aquilla ISD Itasca ISD
Blum ISD Malone ISD
Bynum ISD Mount Calm ISD
Covington ISD Penelope ISD
Hillsboro ISD Whitney ISD
Lampasas County:
Lampasas ISD JHW Inspire Academy - Williams House Campus
Lometa ISD  
Limestone County:
Coolidge ISD  Mexia ISD
Groesbeck ISD
McLennan County:
Axtell ISD Mart ISD
Bosqueville ISD McGregor ISD
Bruceville / Eddy ISD Midway ISD
China Spring ISD Moody ISD 
Connally ISD Rapoport Academy Public School
Crawford ISD Riesel ISD
Eagle Christian Academy Robinson ISD
Gholson ISD
St. Louis Catholic School
Hallsburg ISD
St. Mary's School - West
Harmony Science Academy - Waco Vanguard College Preparatory School
La Vega ISD Waco ISD
Lorena ISD West ISD

University Charter
  Milam County:
Buckholts ISD  
Mills County:
Goldthwaite ISD
New Horizons (Goldthwaite) - Orenda Charter
Mullin ISD Priddy ISD
Navarro County:
Blooming Grove ISD Kerens ISD
Corsicana ISD
Mildred ISD
Dawson ISD Rice ISD
Frost ISD  Two Dimensions Charter

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