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E-Rate Consulting Services

High-Quality Solutions to Meet the Needs of all E-Rate Applicants

E-Rate Consulting is a service offered by knowledgeable specialists at ESC Region 12 who provide high-quality solutions to meet the needs of all E-Rate applicants – public and private schools, charter schools, consortia and libraries.


Our team of experienced specialists work with clients to utilize and comply effectively with federal program rules. Our goal is to manage the E-Rate process so our clients achieve the maximum benefit from this important program.

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“My E-Rate Specialist has gone above and beyond to answer my questions and meet my needs. This service has made the process much less painful and has far exceeded our expectations.”


Angela Matthews
      Chief Technology Officer
         Manor ISD

  • E-Rate Works provides a turn-key solution to your E-Rate needs. We work to streamline the E-Rate process, maintain full compliance with the program rules, manage and store all E-Rate documentation on a secure website, and improve audit success. We ensure that all prerequisites are in order before any form is filed on your behalf. This first-class service allows clients the comfort of having E-Rate experts on your team to handle the intricate details of the federal E-Rate program.

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    E-Rate Works includes: 

    • An E-Rate Specialist dedicated to your district at all times
    • A unique, cloud-based tool that helps manage the E-Rate process in an easy-to-use system
    • Document Manager- cloud-based storage for all E-Rate documentation
    • RFP Manager- electronic proposal submission system that showcases a fair and open
      competitive bidding process for E-rate procurements
    • Children’s Internet Protection Act Compliance Review
    • Competitive Bidding Process Guidance and Compliance Review
    • State & Local bidding policy compliance and review
    • Discount rate analysis and optimization
    • Forms preparation and submission (includes 470, 471, 472, 479, 486, 498 and 500)
    • PIA, PQA, Invoice Audits, Selective Review, and Audit Support
    • Any additional special needs


    Benefits include:

    • Dependable and knowledgeable staff who represent an extension of your district
    • As a not-for-profit Education Service Center, money is circulated back into education so dollars spent with us stay within the educational system!
    • Expert personnel dedicated to keeping your school out of harm’s way 
  • Appeal and Waiver Support assists applicants in reversing any denial decisions on applications made in error by USAC or the FCC. Our support covers all the research necessary to determine the facts of the situation, gathering all necessary documentation, and submitting the appeal request to the proper authority- USAC or the FCC.


    Benefits include:

    • High success rate in meritorious awards
    • Superior quality & experienced staff 
    • Vast knowledge of all appeal decisions from which to cite for current appeals and waivers
  • Program Compliance Analysis is an internal evaluation that provides an extensive review of all documents and processes involving E-Rate at your school/district or library. This service provides an expert team member's assessment of your total E-Rate process and culminates into a formal report to include comments and recommendations.

  • ESC Region 12's E-Rate Consulting Complimentary Help Desk is a FREE service that is offered to all E-Rate applicants throughout the state of Texas. As the former Texas State E-Rate Coordinator's office, we continue to provide E-Rate assistance and support to applicants in need.


    We provide basic phone and email support to applicants as well as service providers to assist them in the E-Rate process. Our goal is to make sure everyone has the support they need to make informed decisions about their E-Rate applications.


    If you are an applicant or service provider, please feel free to contact our office for the support you need.


    Help Desk


    Phone: (254) 297-2911
  • Is your 10-year E-Rate document retention in check? Document Manager can help! It is included with E-Rate Works but is also available as a stand-alone service.


    There are two options for Document Manager:

    1. Document Manager- Self Service: district personnel scan and upload all documents
    2. Document Manager Works: ESC Region E-Rate personnel organize, scan and upload all documents by funding year 


    This service allows you to streamline your E-Rate data into one easy, secure location. Eliminate the paper clutter and binders and store your E-Rate documents electronically for a full 10 years from the last date of service. Document Manager is an extremely cost effective solution to help your school/library be audit ready.


    Benefits include:

    • Accessible anytime, anywhere
    • Secure, off-site server
    • Password protected
    • Organized catalogue of files 
    • Manually upload any file format (PDF, jpeg, Word, Excel, Visio, etc.)
    • User-friendly search tools


    Contact us today for a quote.


    Phone: (254) 297-2911

  • E-Rate OnCall provides expert consultation and guidance during the funding year at your request. This hourly support contract allows your school to turn to us on demand when consultation is necessary.


    Below are some examples of what might be reviewed:

    • FCC E-Rate documents (including, but not limited to, Forms 470/471/486/472, etc.)
    • Any district E-Rate documents (including, but not limited to, competitive bidding documents, evaluation templates, invoice documents, etc.)
    • E-Rate correspondence (including, but not limited to, PIA, Selective Reviews, Audits, etc.)
    • District and vendor E-Rate contracts
    • E-Rate Request for Proposal (RFP) or other similar district documents
    • FCC applications created by the district
    • Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Compliance Review
    • General E-Rate issues (i.e.: local/state purchasing regulations, gift rules, etc.)


    Benefits include:

    • Expert staff that have been involved in the E-Rate program since its inception
    • Quality guidance based on current program knowledge
  • Our E-Rate team offers an electronic proposal submission system that showcases a fair and open competitive bidding process for E-rate procurements.
  • Our Technology Plan Development Service provides the means to advance and update district technology plans in a timely and comprehensive manner. Technology Plan development includes the creation and development of the technology plan (one to three year plans based on request) and submittal directly to your approved authority.


    Benefits include:

    • Expert staff with over 18 years experience in writing technology plans for school districts
    • Qualified staff who have served on technology planning committees within school districts who have first-hand knowledge of this important process
    • Experienced staff who have served as state technology plan approvers
  • E-Rate Training helps applicants understand what is required to maintain compliance in the ever-changing federal regulations of today’s information age. This elite service provides you with the flexibility to meet your needs by offering in-person training or via webinar. Our training platforms range from beginner's level content to specific, customized topics that are important to your school. Our team will provide your school an opportunity to discover best practices for effectively participating in the E-Rate program.


    E-Rate Workshop is where we come on-site and assemble your E-Rate team to trace the entire E-Rate process throughout the district that culminates in a clear flowchart of how E-Rate works and should be managed within the district. 

Please complete the following information to request a proposal and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for considering ESC Region 12 E-Rate Consulting!

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