ESC Region 12

Vendor Information


Education Service Center Region 12 thanks all vendors for their interest in providing goods and services to the ESC Region 12 and the districts within our region.  

The Texas State Comptroller’s web site at is our primary site for posting bids.  When searching for bids, our agency name is listed on this site as “ESC 12 – E1610”.

ESC Region 12 currently does not operate a purchasing cooperative for districts or other agencies and does not maintain a listing of potential vendors.  Materials and supplies are purchased from many different vendors and the ESC Region 12 utilizes several different avenues for making purchases.  In addition to requesting bids, ESC Region 12 is a member of and also purchases from vendors registered on web sites such as:




Current Bid Postings:



Director: Terry Marak 

Phone: (254) 297-1178