Federal Programs

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The Federal Programs department provides support and professional development to all ESC Region 12 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and leveled federal program cooperatives. Staff provide direct support through personalized expert assistance with a focus on federal compliance and continuous improvement.
  • A data-driven program of events and training opportunities are offered through requirements outlined in ESC TEA Federal Applications and input solicited from LEAs. 

    Services include:

    • Dissemination of Title I information and resources
    • ESSA consolidated application and compliance report training
    • ESSA updates and information
    • Private non-profit school participation information and reporting
    • Alignment with Effective Schools Framework (EFS) Support (PBMAS and Comprehensive Grants)
    • Homeless/McKinney-Vento information and resources
    • School climate
    • State Capacity Building Initiative information resources
    • Networking opportunities for Title I principals/administrators 
    • Federal program intervention/validation processes
    • Comprehensive needs assessment information and resources
    • Campus improvement planning information and resources
    • Parent/Community Engagement Statewide Initiative information
    • Federal Flexibility information and resources
    • Parent involvement, requirements, policies, compacts and campus planning
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  • Direct services and support is offered to migrant students and families in Region 12 LEAs under the Title I - Part C Migrant Education Program, which was designed to support programs that help migrant students overcome the challenges of mobility, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, and other difficulties associated with a migratory lifestyle.


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  • The ESC Region 12 Federal Program Division and Counselor Cooperative work collaboratively to provide support and direct assistance through personalized technical assistance and up-to-date professional development with a focus on state compliance and continuous improvement. 

    Professional Development and Services include:

    • Identifying at-risk students based on the 13 State Compensatory education criteria and adequately 
      addressing the needs of at-risk learners and those students who are behind their peers
    • Campus Planning, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, and  Campus Improvement Plans
    • Technical assistance by email and telephone for State 
      Compensatory Education related needs
  • ESC Region 12 provides training and test preparation for educators to attain Bilingual and ESL certifications in order to assist region 12 districts with the growing need for appropriately certified instructors for ELL students.


    Bilingual/ESL/LEP Training Opportunities

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  • Training opportunities and technical assistance is provided in conjunction with the Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth (TEHCY) Program as required in ESC Title I, Part A Federal Application and through input solicited from Region 12 LEAs to determine needs for ongoing federal requirements. 

    Services include:

    • Technical assistance through ESC Homeless Liaison
    • Ongoing dissemination of federal homeless program 
    • Homeless Liaison training and support
    • Federal Program network meetings (2 per year minimum) 
    • ESSA Initial Compliance review indicators as they pertain to homeless students
    • Networking opportunities for Title I principals, administrators, homeless liaisons, counselors and PEIMS personnel 
    • Technical assistance for federal and state compliance 
Federal Programs
Title II, Part A SSA, ESSA/ESEA Support
(254) 297-1252
Migrant Service Coordinator
Title I, Part C - Migrant Services Support
(254) 297-1258
Ed. Specialist III - Coordinator
Title I, Part A - ESSA/ESEA Support
(254) 297-1195
Migrant Service Coordinator
Title I, Part C - Migrant Services Support
(254) 297-1133
Department Assistant
Staff Support
(254) 297-1125
New General System (NGS) Assistant
Title I, Part C - Migrant Services Support
(254) 297-1236
Ed. Specialist II - Team Leader
Title III, Part A - Bilingual/ESL
(254) 297-1283
Ed. Specialist I
Title I, Part C - Migrant Services Support
(254) 297-1199
Ed. Specialist III - Coordinator
Title I, Part C - Migrant Services Support
(254) 297-1111
Ed. Specialist I
Title I, Part C - Migrant Services Support
(254) 297-1214
Ed. Specialist I
Title III, Part A - Bilingual/ESL
(254) 297-1251
Ed. Specialist I
Titile IV, Title I, CTE
(254) 519-1166
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