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Title III, Part A - Bilingual/ESL Support Services

The Title III, Part A Bilingual/ESL Program provides expert assistance and best practices professional development to ensure success for Emergent Bilingual (EB) students. 
  • This fee-based service provides affordable assistance with analysis of transcripts for students who received schooling from outside the U.S. The student's course history is matched against Texas PEIMS compatible courses for appropriate grade level placement and correct awarding of credits for Texas graduation requirements. 


    Service includes: 

    • Review/translation of foreign transcript
    • Comparison of foreign coursework against comparable Texas PEIMS courses to award course credits
    • Recommendation for future grade placement for student
    • Guidance with course planning for student
  • ESC Region 12 provides professional development specifically to address the instructional needs of Emergent Bilinguals (EB) students. This includes training on the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), Content-Based Language Instruction (CBLI), and content-based instructional strategies to engage and promote learning for the EB/EL student.


    Training Opportunities

  • Benefits include:

    • Completion of Title III, Part A Federal Application, TEA negotiations and Compliance Report
    • Assistance in meeting state and federal requirements
    • Training on Bilingual/ESL topics including LPAC, ESL strategies, assessment of EB/EL students and Content-Based Language Instruction (CBLI)
    • Digital Instructional Support 
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  • Accountability & Compliance Reporting: Provides assistance in completing the Title III, Part A section of the ESSA Consolidated Federal application and compliance report. Provides assistance in interpreting the Bilingual/ESL PEIMS code guide
  • Certification Preparation: Provides training for educators seeking their ESL or Bilingual certification.
  • Federal & State Guidelines: Disseminates information and provides expert assistance related to federal and state guidelines that address both the needs of Emergent Bilingual (EB) students as well as program requirements and timelines including assistance Language Proficiency Assessment Committees/Guidelines.
  • Federal & State Testing: Disseminates information, provides expert assistance, professional development and support related to state assessments such as STAAR, STAAR Spanish and TELPAS.
  • Parent Involvement: Provides PD and assists districts with implementation of effective strategies that involve parents of EB/EL students in the education of their children.

TEA Bilingual/ESL Page

  • Chapter 29
  • Chapter 89
  • Reclassification Criteria Chart
  • Guidance Related to ARD and LPAC Collaboration
  • TSDS Updated PEIMS Information


EB/EL Web Portal

  • Webinar for Exceptions/Waivers
  • Instructional Environment


ELPS Support Center

  • ELPS Instructional Tool
  • Linguistic Instructional Alignment Guide
  • Implementing the ELPS

LPAC Framework


Texas Gateway

  • Online Training


TEA - ESL Certification Training


Biliteracy Support


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