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Grants & Grant Services

Providing direct grant-based services to students across the region.

ESC Region 12 offers a number of Grants & Grant Services, including ACE, GEAR UP and Upward Bound. For more information about each grant, click the tab above.

Statistics about Region 12 Grant Programs

*The statistics above include data from the 2014-15 school year.

Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) Grant

The Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) Grant works to establish community learning centers at schools with at least 50 percent economically disadvantaged student populations. The program assists student participants in meeting academic standards in core subject areas (reading, math, science, and social studies) by providing after school time services to students and their families at the school sites. 

In addition to academic support, students and their families participate in a variety of enrichment activities that complement the regular school day program. Activities include martial arts, culinary arts, art, quilting, robotics, parenting/family nights and more. The plans focus on attendance, behavior, promotion to the next grade level and graduation rates. They also include college and career readiness initiatives. 

ACE Logo
Participating ACE Grant Schools, Cycle 10 Grant

Dawson ISD, PreK-6 

Groesbeck ISD, K-5

La Vega ISD, 1-5

Mexia ISD, PreK-5 

Moody ISD, PreK-6

Valley Mills ISD, PreK-5

Whitney ISD, 2-5

Participating ACE Grant Schools, Cycle 9 Grant

Blum ISD, Pre-K-12 

Chilton ISD, PreK-12

Cranfills Gap ISD, PreK-12  |  Facebook icon Cranfills Gap ISD ACE

Hamilton ISD, PreK-5 & 6-12  |  Facebook icon Ann Whitney Elementary ACE

Itasca ISD, PreK-12  |  Facebook icon Itasca ISD ACE

Kerens ISD, PreK-12  |  Facebook icon Kerens ISD ACE

Rosebud-Lott ISD, PreK-5 & K-5  |  Facebook icon Rosebud-Lott ACE 

Wortham ISD, PreK-12

Participating ACE Grant Schools, Cycle 8 Grant

Covington ISD, PreK-12 |  Facebook icon  Covington ISD ACE

Dawson ISD, K-12  |  Facebook icon  Dawson ISD ACE

Groesbeck ISD, K-12  |  Facebook icon  Groesbeck ISD District Page

Holland ISD, K-12  |  Facebook icon  Holland ISD ACE

Mexia ISD, K-5 

Moody ISD, K-12  |  Facebook icon  Moody ISD ACE

Valley Mills ISD, PreK-8  |  Facebook icon  Valley Mills ISD ACE

Temple ISD

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP)

GEAR UP is designed to help more young Americans stay in school, develop good study skills and take the right courses to go to college. A partnership funded by the U. S. Department of Education, the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) college link is administered in Central Texas by ESC Region 12 to give qualifying students the skills, encouragement and preparation to pursue a college education. Focusing on early intervention beginning in middle school, the program serves students as they progress through middle school and high school. Twenty-two districts in Region 12 are participating in the grant activities. 

Participating GEAR UP: College Link Districts
GEAR UP logo

Blum ISD  |  Facebook icon  Blum ISD GEAR UP

Bynum ISD  |  Facebook icon  Bynum ISD GEAR UP  

Clifton ISD  |  Facebook icon  Clifton ISD District Page

Connally ISD  |  Facebook icon  Connally ISD GEAR UP

Corsicana ISD  |  Facebook icon  Corsicana ISD GEAR UP

Covington ISD  |  Facebook icon  Covington ISD GEAR UP

Groesbeck ISD  |  Facebook icon  Groesbeck ISD GEAR UP 

Hillsboro ISD  |  Facebook icon  Hillsboro ISD GEAR UP

Hubbard ISD  |  Facebook icon  Hubbard ISD GEAR UP

Kerens ISD  |  Facebook icon  Kerens ISD GEAR UP

Killeen - Ellison HS  |  Facebook icon  Ellison HS GEAR UP

Killeen HS  |  Facebook icon  Killeen HS GEAR UP

Killeen - Shoemaker HS  |  Facebook icon  Shoemaker HS GEAR UP

Kopperl ISD  |  Facebook icon  Kopperl ISD GEAR UP

Lampasas HS  |  Facebook icon  Lampasas HS GEAR UP

Lometa ISD  |  Facebook icon  Lometa ISD District Page

Mexia ISD  |  Facebook icon  Mexia ISD GEAR UP

Moody ISD  |  Facebook icon  Moody ISD GEAR UP

Oglesby ISD  |  Facebook icon  Oglesby ISD GEAR UP

Rosebud-Lott ISD  |  Facebook icon  Rosebud-Lott ISD GEAR UP

Temple HS  |  Facebook icon  Temple HS GEAR UP

Walnut Springs ISD  |  Facebook icon  Walnut Springs ISD GEAR UP

Whitney ISD  |  Facebook icon  Whitney ISD GEAR UP

Participating GEAR UP: College, Career, Success! Districts

Killeen ISD  |  Facebook icon  Killeen ISD GEAR UP

  • Live Oak Ridge
  • Manor
  • Nolan
  • Palo Alto
  • Rancier

Temple ISD  |  Facebook icon  Temple ISD GEAR UP

  • Bonham
  • Lamar
  • Travis Science Academy

Upward Bound Grant

Upward Bound is an innovative program aimed at closing the gap and increasing the academic achievement levels of underserved first generation college students. The program is designed to enable students to not only succeed in high school but also in post-secondary education and beyond.

This program assists students to increase college and career readiness through preparing academically, college planning, and financial aid planning.

Upward Bound Waco Schools

Waco High School

University High School

Rapaport Academy

Contact: Nakeria Lynch | 254.723.4209 |

Upward Bound Killeen Schools

Killeen High School

Pathways Academic Campus

Richard Milburn Academy

Contact: Delilah Fernandez | 254.297.1279 |


Upward Bound Logo

Write for Texas

Write for Texas is designed to help all teachers provide opportunities for students to read, write, and discuss a wide variety of genres throughout the school year. The grant is administered through The University of Texas at Austin,The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk and the Texas Education Agency.


The Write for Texas collection of online resources is available to all secondary English language arts and reading and content area teachers to support effective writing instruction. The resources include critical background knowledge, activities, and videos that relate to the guiding principles of effective writing instruction. Participants learn and apply teaching techniques to support all students in writing.


To access the resources and materials, visit


Learn more about ESC Region 12's Write for Texas Grant  >


Contact: Shirley Strong | 254.749.8079 |

Write for Texas
ACE Cycle 8
Archer, Jami Site Coordinator Mexia ISD (254) 562-4000
Bacon, Angela Site Coordinator Temple ISD (254) 215-5573
Burke, Kristi Site Coordinator Temple ISD (254) 215-5700 ext. 6267
Cripe, Ashley Family Engagement Specialist (254) 297-2931
Curry, Kristen Site Coordinator Groesbeck ISD (254) 729-4102
Davis, Rose Site Coordinator Moody ISD (254) 853-2182
Gersbach, Megan Site Coordinator Holland ISD (254) 465-7175
Raymond, Merrie Site Coordinator Groesbeck ISD (254) 729-4104
Rogers, Lisa Project Director Cycle 8 (254) 297-1228
Schreiber, Tonya Site Coordinator Covington ISD (254) 205-6858
Sonntag, Shelley Site Coordinator Valley Mills ISD (254) 932-5526
Wright, Terri Site Coordinator Dawson ISD (254) 578-1031
ACE Cycle 9
Ballard, Janice Site Coordinator Rosebud-Lott ISD (254) 583-1908
Calame, Amanda ACE Site Coordinator Wortham ISD (254) 765-3095
Coker, Ruth Site Coordinator Chilton ISD (254) 546-1265
Demerson, Debra Site Coordinator Blum ISD (254) 874-5231 ext. 438
Empson, Kit Site Coordinator Hamilton ISD (254) 386-3149 ext. 4089
Horn, Monica Site Coordinator Hamilton ISD (254) 584-4251 ext. 209
Kennedy, Marchelle Family Engagement Specialist (254) 297-1146
Mears, Courtney Site Coordinator Itsca ISD (254) 687-2922 ext. 151
Miller, Pam Site Coordinator Cranfills Gap ISD (254) 597-2505
Mishnick, Nicole Project Director (254) 297-1105
Morel, Valerie Site Coordinator Kerens ISD (903) 396-2924
Payne, Kristen Site Coordinator Hamilton ISD (254) 386-8166 ext. 4380
Andrews, Kathie Site Facilitator Lampasas ISD & Lometa ISD (254) 730-0269
Bonner, Polly Site Facilitator Walnut Springs ISD & Kopperl ISD (254) 424-8285
Brown, Katawaba (Kat) Site Facilitator Killeen ISD (301) 852-9710
Decker, Jennifer Site Facilitator Rosebud-Lott ISD & Connally ISD (254) 716-4604
Keele, Traci Site Facilitator Mexia ISD & Groesbeck ISD (903) 879-5413
Kolar, Jennifer Site Facilitator Hillsboro ISD, Bynum ISD & Hubbard ISD (254) 230-5015
Lane, Blanche Site Facilitator Clifton ISD (254) 542-5387
Priddy, Beth Site Facilitator Corsicana ISD & Kerens ISD (903) 229-2482
Rivera, Christina Site Facilitator Killeen ISD (254) 291-9256
Smith, Whitney Site Facilitator Temple ISD (254) 227-0558
Trice, Toni Site Facilitator Killeen ISD (254) 247-8578
Williams, Morgan Site Facilitator Oglesby ISD & Moody ISD (254) 716-9082
School Support & Grant Services
Anderson, Sheila Grant Coordinator (254) 297-1135
Basham, Carla Administrative Assistant (254) 297-1279
Henson, Sharon Deputy Director (254) 297-1113
Upward Bound
Carr, Kristi Site Coordinator Killeen ISD & Richard Milburn Academy (254) 495-2998
Horner, Tammy Project Director (254) 297-1127
Lynch, Nakeria Site Coordinator Waco ISD & Rapoport Academy (254) 297-1217
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