Grants & Grant Services

Providing direct grant-based services to students across the region.

ESC Region 12 offers a number of Grants & Grant Services, including ACE, GEAR UP and Upward Bound. For more information about each grant, click the tab above.

Statistics about Region 12 Grant Programs

*The statistics above include data from the 2014-15 school year.

Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) Grant

The hands-on afterschool program ACE seeks to serve students and their families through a safe learning space. At ACE, students deepen their understanding of core school subjects and STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), choose personal interests to explore, and develop skills for a successful future. ACE focuses on providing each individual student with what they need to learn, grow, and succeed.


Education Service Center Region 12 works in partnership with the Texas Education Agency Grant to provide the ACE program in 15 qualifying schools (50% or more economically disadvantaged students) in Central Texas. ACE is funded by the 21st CCLC program and administered by the U.S. Department of Education.


Meeting Student Needs, Making Parent Connections

ACE does more than help students build skills and improve school subject comprehension. The program also focuses on the student's family. Parents benefit from a safe program that allows them to focus on supporting their family. The various family engagement events offered at ACE all maintain the core goal and desire to welcome and include families in continued learning after school hours. Participating ACE families enjoy these opportunities to connect with each other and make lasting memories.

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Is ACE the right fit for your child?
Participating ACE Grant Schools, Cycle 10 Grant

Dawson ISD, PreK-6  |  Facebook icon  Dawson ISD ACE Cycle 10

Groesbeck ISD, K-5 |  Facebook icon  Groesbeck ISD ACE Cycle 10

La Vega ISD, 1-5 |  Facebook icon  La Vega ISD ACE Cycle 10

Mexia ISD, PreK-5  |  Facebook icon  Mexia ISD ACE Cycle 10

Moody ISD, PreK-6 |  Facebook icon  Moody ISD ACE Cycle 10

Valley Mills ISD, PreK-5 |  Facebook icon  Valley Mills ISD ACE Cycle 10

Whitney ISD, 2-5 |  Facebook icon  Whitney ISD ACE Cycle 10

Participating ACE Grant Schools, Cycle 9 Grant

Blum ISD, Pre-K-12

Chilton ISD, PreK-12 |  Facebook icon Chilton ISD ACE

Cranfills Gap ISD, PreK-12  |  Facebook icon Cranfills Gap ISD ACE

Hamilton ISD, PreK-5 & 6-12  |  Facebook icon Ann Whitney Elementary ACE

Itasca ISD, PreK-12  |  Facebook icon Itasca ISD ACE

Kerens ISD, PreK-12  |  Facebook icon Kerens ISD ACE

Rosebud-Lott ISD, PreK-5 & K-5  |  Facebook icon Rosebud-Lott ACE 

Wortham ISD, PreK-12 |  Facebook icon Wortham ISD ACE

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP)

GEAR UP: College, Career, Success! Is a partnership grant between the Education Service Center Region 12, school districts and other vendors/colleges.  The three main objectives of this grant are to:

  • increase the academic performance of students in preparation for postsecondary education
  • increase high school graduation rate and participation in postsecondary education
  • increase knowledge of students and families concerning postsecondary education, options, preparation and financing.
GEAR UP logo
Participating GEAR UP: College, Career, Success! Districts

Killeen ISD  |  Facebook icon  Killeen ISD GEAR UP

  • Live Oak Ridge
  • Manor
  • Nolan
  • Palo Alto
  • Rancier

Temple ISD  |  Facebook icon  Temple ISD GEAR UP

  • Bonham
  • Lamar
  • Travis Science Academy

Participating GEAR UP: College Bound Districts

Blooming Grove ISD |  Facebook icon  Blooming Grove ISD GEAR UP

Connally ISD |  Facebook icon  Connally ISD GEAR UP

Corsicana ISD |  Facebook icon  Corsicana ISD GEAR UP

Fairfield ISD |  Facebook icon  Fairfield ISD GEAR UP

Gatesville ISD |  Facebook icon  Gatesville ISD GEAR UP

Groesbeck ISD |  Facebook icon  Groesbeck ISD GEAR UP

Hillsboro ISD |  Facebook icon  Hillsboro ISD GEAR UP

Kerens ISD |  Facebook icon  Kerens ISD GEAR UP

La Vega ISD |  Facebook icon  La Vega ISD GEAR UP




Mart ISD |  Facebook icon  Mart ISD GEAR UP

McGregor ISD |  Facebook icon  McGregor ISD GEAR UP

Mexia ISD |  Facebook icon  Mexia ISD GEAR UP

Moody ISD |  Facebook icon  Moody ISD GEAR UP

Rapoport Academy |  Facebook icon  Rapoport Academy GEAR UP

Rice ISD |  Facebook icon  Rice ISD GEAR UP

Teague ISD |  Facebook icon  Teague ISD GEAR UP

Whitney ISD |  Facebook icon  Whitney ISD GEAR UP

Upward Bound Grant

Upward Bound is an innovative program aimed at closing the gap and increasing the academic achievement levels of underserved first generation college students. The program is designed to enable students to not only succeed in high school but also in post-secondary education and beyond.

This program assists students to increase college and career readiness through preparing academically, college planning, and financial aid planning.



Upward Bound Connally/LaVega

Jennifer Decker, Upward Bound Site Coordinator 

c:  254-716-4604  f: 254-666-0823


Target Schools:

Connally High School

La Vega High School


Upward Bound Killeen

Delilah Fernandez, Upward Bound Site Coordinator

c:  254-230-5118  f: 254-666-0823

Target Schools:  

Killeen High School

Pathways High School

Richard Milburn Academy

Upward Bound Waco

Stephanie Bailey, Upward Bound Site Coordinator

c: 254-218-5971  f:  254-666-0823


Target Schools:

Waco High School

University High School

Upward Bound Logo
ACE Cycle 10
Site Coordinator
Mexia ISD
(254) 562-4025 ext 4630
Site Coordinator
Valley Mills ISD
(254) 932-5526
Family Engagement Specialist
(254) 297-1228
Project Director
(254) 297-2931
Site Coordinator
Moody ISD
(254) 853-2182 ext 2000
Site Coordinator
Whitney ISD
(254) 694-7303
Site Coordinator
Mexia ISD
(254) 562-4030 ext 5029
Site Coordinator
Groesbeck ISD
(254) 729-4103
Site Coordinator
La Vega ISD
(254) 299-6770 ext 2038
Site Coordinator
Dawson ISD
(254) 578-1031 ext 229
ACE Cycle 9
Site Coordinator
Rosebud-Lott ISD
(254) 583-1908
Site Coordinator
Blum ISD
(254) 874-5231 ext. 450
Site Coordinator
Chilton ISD
(254) 546-1265
Site Coordinator
Wortham ISD
(254) 765-3080 ext 3
Site Coordinator
Hamilton ISD
(254) 584-4251 ext. 209
Site Coordinator
Hamilton ISD
(254) 386-8167 ext 4089
Family Engagement Specialist
(254) 297-1146
Site Coordinator
Cranfills Gap ISD
(254) 597-2505
Project Director
(254) 297-1105
Site Coordinator
Kerens ISD
(903) 396-2924
Site Coordinator
Hamilton ISD
(254) 386-8166 ext. 4380
Site Coordinator
Itasca ISD
(254) 687-2922 ext 151
Site Facilitator
College Facilitator
(254) 242-6087
Site Facilitator
College Facilitator
(903) 229-2482
Site Facilitator
(254) 297-1166
School Support & Grant Services
Grant Coordinator-GEAR UP
(254) 297-1135
Administrative Assistant
(254) 297-1279
Deputy Director
(254) 297-1113
Upward Bound
Site Coordinator
Waco ISD & Rapoport Academy
(254) 218-5971
Site Coordinator
Connally ISD & La Vega ISD
(254) 716-4604
Site Coordinator
Killeen ISD & Richard Milburn Academy
(254) 230-5118
Project Director
(254) 297-1127
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