Data Management & Technology Services

Expert Assistance for Educators and Technology Directors

laptopFrom data management to internet access and maintaining your network, ESC Region 12 offers a variety of products and services to keep districts up and running and up-to-date with 21st-century learning. 

Specialists are available to provide support through professional development (both on-site and at the center) and through unlimited certified assistance.

Data Management
  • The web-based applications provided by DMAC® exist to supply Texas educators with state-of-the-art tools and services necessary to develop and improve the quality of education provided to students. This allows for more time with students and less time planning, testing, grading and disaggregating data. Designed for educators, by educators, DMAC® also provides unlimited customer support via phone and webinars to all users at no additional cost.

    Applications include:

    • State Assessment - STAAR, TELPAS and Interim Assessments-Local Assessments
    • TEKScore – Local Assessments. A complete toolkit for administering and reporting on local assessments (aligned to TEKS, ELPS and/or AP)s 
    • TAG - TEKS Assessment Generator/Online Test Item Bank 
    • TPRI – TPRI data collection, reporting and analysis
    • Tejas Lee – Tejas LEE data collection, reporting and analysis.
    • Lead4ward – Harness the power of DMAC to create digital versions of the data tools recommended by lead4ward during their statewide trainings on how to use state and local data to help students and improve instruction
    • PlanWorksTM – Develop and maintain plans that comply with state and federal requirements (TEA and ESSA)
    • LPAC – Create and manage ESL and Bilingual forms and letters; Integrates with other DMAC applications assisting with data entry and documentation for EL population
    • Learning Plans – Create and maintain Accelerated Learning Plans (ALP) or Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) plans for individual students
    • FormWorks® – Create forms and collect data
    • Appraisals – TESS, T-PESS & PDAS. Meet state-mandated requirements for teacher and principal appraisals. Complete and electronically sign documentation online; Reports included for the Texas Incentive Allotment (TIA)
    • PGP High School & PGP Intervention – Develop and maintain four-year plans for high school students. Select assigned courses, graduation plans, Endorsements, Programs of Study and document credits; Meets requirements of HB5
    • CIA Alignment – Align and map district built curriculum (i.e., TEKS, ELPS and AP)




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  • Eduphoria works to empower teachers. Integrated apps assist in every aspect of the school day, from lesson planning to monitoring student progress, streamlining administrative duties, and providing a collaborative platform for education professionals. 

    The Premium Suite subscription includes:  Aware, Strive, Forethought, Helpdesk, Formspace and Facilities & Events.

    Benefits include: 

    • State and local data analysis
    • Local assessment creation and administration
    • Online lesson plans with teacher-designated schedules
    • Intertwined curriculum and scope and sequence
    • Manage T-TESS and T-PESS
    • Complete appraisal tools for all types of staff
    • Professional Development Portfolio

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  • An enhanced system for simplifying test construction, administering assessments and analyzing student progress. LEAs who do not have the Eduphoria suite may purchase Aware alone.

    Benefits include:

    • Dynamic data analysis engine for STAAR, local and other common assessments
    • Local assessment creation & management
    • Multiple options for student response collection
    • Student monitoring using customizable forms
    • Accountability reports
  • Formerly known as Appraise and Workshop, Strive redesigns the professional development and evaluation processes – moving beyond T-TESS and T-PESS expectations – and focuses on continuous improvement and growth. LEAs who do not have the Eduphoria suite may purchase Strive alone. 

    Benefits include: 

    • Dynamic appraisal tools for all types of staff
    • Individual goal setting tied to framework dimensions
    • Customizable evaluation template design
    • Transcripts of historical professional learning events

    Training Opportunities

  • Survey Services allows districts to meet survey needs. Complements or replaces traditional paper or telephone surveys. Districts can design and use a wide range of surveys such as customer satisfaction surveys, student surveys, parent surveys, community surveys, training evaluations, and federal program surveys.     

    This service includes:

    • Assisting the district in the development of the survey
    • Administering the survey via using scanning forms, the Internet, e-mail or a combination of these approaches
    • Providing analysis of data through statistical reports
    • Warehousing data and reports
    • Presenting tailored reports to designated audiences
  • TEKSbank questions are designed based on an in-depth analysis of the TEKS, the STAAR released items, and assessment best practices. The questions can be used by teachers and administrators to build assessments in an online application.

    We are proud to say that our bank is ready for the STAAR redesign. We offer tech-enhanced items, writing assessment items in all content areas, cross-curricular passages, online integration to your data management systems, and so much more!


    Watch a video about TEKSbank >


    TEKSbank New Features Video>


    TEKSbank Enhancement Flyer


    TEKSbank Information

    Training Opportunities

Technical Support & Services
  • Virtual Information Security Officer services
    (VISO CO-OP)

    • Periodic Vulnerability Scanning, Analysis and Reporting as defined in Schedule of Activities
    • Training for Technicians at ESC Region 12 or alternative location provided by ESC Region 12
    • Aggregated CyberSecurity Analysis and Reporting
    • Consultation Services


    Sentinel Network Security Appliance

    Think of Centurion as your on-site 24/7 CyberSecurity Analyst. Centurion will watch your network traffic, proactively looking for attacks, including:

    • Ransomware/Malware
    • Employee Activity
    • Network Security
    • Compliance
    • AD Log Monitoring


    Phishing & Training 

    • Security IQ is a security awareness and phishing tool. Security IQ can be used to train your staff to look out for phishing emails as well as simulate attacks to see how well staff respond. 
  • EDLINK12 provides Internet Access service to any Texas Independent School District and educational supportive nonprofit organization. 


    Services include:

    • Basic Internet Access
    • Telephone support through a help desk during normal business hours
    • Onsite support
    • Firewall
    • DNS


    EDLINK12 services, except filtering are E-Rate eligible.

  • A Certified Technician can help to maintain and support technology on the local area network, including file servers, workstations, connection devices and desktop/network operating systems. This service also helps districts maintain network connectivity, support email systems and Web servers, and help with the overall direction and technology planning and design as needed.

    The Rent-A-Tech program provides:

    • A Certified Technician for a whole day on a regular 
      reoccurring basis via onsite and/or remote. This requires an annual contract
    • A Certified Technician for specific blocks of time via 
      onsite and/or remote; requires a contract
    • A Certified Technician on an “as needed” basis
Virtual Learning & Digital Content
  • Digital Learning Network (by combining the Technology Coordinators and Contacts group with the DigIn group) in an effort to bring together technology coordinators and digital innovation leaders. The goal of this collaborative network is to learn, grow and work together as we innovate and transform education.

    Benefits include:

    • Meaningful learning experiences designed to promote collaboration as we explore solutions and ideas to innovate and transform education
    • On-demand support and collaborative opportunities
    • Face-to-face meetings offered twice per semester
    • Updates on regional, state and national technology issues, events and funding opportunities
    • Opportunities to learn and experience the latest technologies for learning
    • ESC Region 12 Mailing Lists – r12digin and r12tech
  • A flexible K-12 learning platform that provides high quality, relevant and engaging content, instructional strategies, customizable lessons, teaching & assessment tools, collaboration tools and professional development resources to facilitate instruction.


    Content to Engage Every Learner

    • K-12 standards-aligned digital content resources sourced and curated for educators and students across all grades, subjects, and relevant topics of interest
    • Real-world content that addresses social-emotional needs
    • Culturally authentic content that celebrates diversity
    • Augmented & Virtual Reality Content
    • Multimodal content, including audiobooks, podcasts, videos, text, images, virtual field trips, interactives, behind the scenes at major organizations, career spotlights, and more
    • New media assets added monthly with updates, research and news

    Built-in Support for Students and Teachers

    • Assignable digital resources within Discovery Education or your learning management system
    • Content creation tools for educators and students
    • Access on any device, at any time, from anywhere
    • Embedded support through closed-captioning, transcripts, text-to-speech, immersive reader and native language support
    • Seamless integration with SSO providers and Learning Management Systems
    • Connection with the largest global network of educators for inspiration, timely recommendations and best practices

    Curated Collections

    • Popular channels such as Magic School Bus and Phenomenal Science
    • English Language Learners Center
    • Social-Emotional Learning Center
    • African American Experiences

    Ready-to-Use Lessons and Resources

    • Embedded instructional support with time-saving resources for teaching, creating, and collaborating
    • 2000 ready-to-use lessons that combine the best of DE content with
      instructional strategies

    Tools to Create and Collaborate

    • Studio enables students and teachers to build interactive slideshows and posters
    • Pre-built, customizable Studio lesson templates to jump start your own creative lesson ideas

    Bonus Add-Ons with District-wide Purchase: 

    • Discovery Education Coding
      • Free access, helping students gain understanding of coding concepts

    Pricing and Support:

    • Contact Paul Guardiola for pricing and/or support.
    • Support Includes:
      • Information dissemination
      • Account management
      • Professional development
      • Expert assistance

    Discovery Education Virtual Resources/Training

    2022-2023 R12 Discovery Education Services Members

    Membership Packet

    Training Opportunities







    Training Opportunities
  • ESC Region 12 is pleased to offer two learning management systems at a discount to schools in Region 12. The two systems, Canvas & Schoology provide systems that allows educators to import, build and manage courses, to grade and to communicate with their students. 


    For more information, contact Joshua Essary

    254.297.1250 |



    Schoology Logo, white and blue text on black

    Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) that has all the tools your institution needs to create engaging content, design lessons, and assess student understanding.




    Canvas logo, black text

    Open, intuitive, and born in the cloud, Canvas streamlines all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience.

  • Overview

    The Texas Education Telecommunications Network, TETN, supports K-12 educators statewide by providing videoconferencing services that save valuable time and money in travel.  TETN is funded by the twenty Education Service Centers and the Texas Education Agency.  Some examples of videoconferences scheduled on TETN include administrative meetings, professional development, Legislative and policy updates, public hearings on Commissioner rules, and peer collaboration for special education specialists.  TETN also supports students through dual-credit courses, High School courses, and virtual field trips.

    TETN Digital Recordings

    TETN digitally records all statewide videoconferences. The ESC Region 12 is covering the cost of the TETN's so that Region 12 districts do not have to be a member of a COOP to receive access to recorded events.  Recordings are accessed by using a computer and are protected by an access login.

    TETN Requests

    Please register in ESCWorks to participate in a TETN session.  The link will be emailed to you once you have registered.  If you would like access to the recording of a TETN, please contact the ESC Region 12 specialist over the session.


    Click here to view the schedule for upcoming TETN’s available to all Region 12 districts. 

  • Education Service Center Region 12, in partnership with the Texas Education Agency, serves as the Regional Liaison for the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN) and provides assistance and support to Region 12 districts interested in participating in this statewide network.

    Learn More >
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