Technology Services

Expert Assistance for Educators and Technology Directors


From data management to internet access and maintaining your network, ESC Region 12 offers a variety of products and services to keep districts up and running and up-to-date with 21st-century learning. 

Specialists are available to provide support through professional development (both on-site and at the center) and through unlimited certified assistance.

  • Virtual Information Security Officer services
    (VISO CO-OP)

    • Periodic vulnerability scanning, analysis and reporting as defined in schedule of activities
    • Training for technicians at ESC Region 12 or alternative location provided by ESC Region 12
    • Aggregated CyberSecurity analysis and reporting
    • Consultation services


    Sentinel Network Security Appliance

    Think of Centurion as your on-site 24/7 CyberSecurity Analyst. Centurion will watch your network traffic, proactively looking for attacks, including:

    • Ransomware/Malware
    • Employee Activity
    • Network Security
    • Compliance
    • AD Log Monitoring


    Phishing & Training 

    • Security IQ is a security awareness and phishing tool. Security IQ can be used to train your staff to look out for phishing emails as well as simulate attacks to see how well staff respond. 
  • EDLINK12 provides Internet Access service to any Texas Independent School District and educational supportive nonprofit organization. 


    Services include:

    • Basic internet access
    • Telephone support through a help desk during normal business hours
    • Onsite support
    • Firewall
    • DNS


    EDLINK12 services, except filtering are E-Rate eligible.

  • A Certified Technician can help to maintain and support technology on the local area network, including file servers, workstations, connection devices and desktop/network operating systems. This service also helps districts maintain network connectivity, support email systems and web servers, and help with the overall direction and technology planning and design as needed.

    The Rent-A-Tech program provides:

    • A Certified Technician for a whole day on a regular 
      reoccurring basis via onsite and/or remote; requires an annual contract
    • A Certified Technician for specific blocks of time via 
      onsite and/or remote; requires a contract
    • A Certified Technician on an “as needed” basis
Technology Services
Phone number
Technology Specialist III
Workforce Solutions
(254) 297-5211
Technology Specialist II
Technical Support
(254) 297-1219
Technology Specialist II
Technical Support
(254) 297-1275
Programmer II
Technical Support
(254) 297-1156
Technical Support
(254) 297-1264
Technology Specialist I
Technical Support
(254) 297-1261
Technology Specialist II
(254) 297-1180
Technology Specialist III
Technical Support
(254) 297-1266
Department Assistant
Support Staff
(254) 297-1263
Technology Specialist I
Workforce Solutions
Technology Specialist III/Coordinator
(254) 297-1262
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