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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)
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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)


Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant funding is authorized in three pieces of legislation. As a result, the ESSER programs are administered by TEA as separate grant programs. 


The ESSER I, CRRSA ESSER II, and ARP ESSER III grant programs run concurrently. During the overlap in periods of availability, grantees may expend funds from any of the grant programs.


The team at ESC Region 12 is here to provide assistance and training on the ESSER planning requirements, grant application, reporting, and compliance monitoring.


Check back periodically to see all the necessary reminders related to ESSER!


  • NEW: ESSER State Fiscal Reports are now open and required for every Expenditure Report (ER) for ESSER II, III and SUPP.
    • This is an additional fiscal report. Justification documentation of expenditures with ESSER funds is still required and should be maintained at a local level.


  • NEW: The ESSER Annual Reporting was scheduled to open March 1, 2022, but has been delayed. The submission date to TEA is scheduled for April 1, 2022. 


  • IT’S BACK: MOEquity Reporting has returned. 
    • Many districts are exempt (click here for the TEA’s posted exemption list: By ESC Region or By Alphabet).
    • Timeline for districts who must report:
      • LEAs that are not automatically excepted must complete and submit the MOEquity Document Submission Plan by 5:00 p.m. Central Time on Friday, March 4, 2022.
      • LEAs that select to complete the MOEquity Tool must upload the tool into GFFC Reports and Data Collections by 5:00 p.m. Central Time on Friday, March 11, 2022.


  • ESSER III Required Postings: 6 Month Updates Are Due!
    • URLs should be posted and correct to include the required postings in English and Spanish
      • Use of Funds
      • Return to In-Person and Continuity of Services (RIPICS)
    • 6 month updates to RIPICS plans are approaching
      • Stakeholder input and public commentary should be ongoing and must be documented
    • The first round of random validations has been completed, and a second round is anticipated.
    • Remember you can request a review of your postings from ESC 12 by clicking on the blue “Required Postings Review” tab above.


  • ESSER Expenditure Reminders:
    • Don’t forget to make your drawdowns regularly (such as quarterly or monthly).
    • Need to make changes? Significant changes need to be updated in your Use of Funds plan and amended in the grant application.
    • Remember your expenditures must be connected to allowable activities in the grant, and meet the intent of the ESSER grant (which must be related to the COVID-19 pandemic).
    • If you make expenditure changes in ESSER III, be sure to maintain at least 20% of your funds set aside for learning loss and SEL needs.
    • With the new reporting requirements, it is important that your district establishes a strong system of communication and procedures between the fiscal side and program side of the ESSER grant. Be sure to communicate regularly with your business office personnel.



Request an ESC Review of Your District's Required ESSER III Postings


To request a review of your districts Required ESSER III Postings, please fill out the form below and an ESC Region 12 team member will be in touch with you.


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