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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)
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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant funding is authorized in three pieces of legislation. As a result, the ESSER programs are administered by TEA as separate grant programs. 

The ESSER I, CRRSA ESSER II, and ARP ESSER III grant programs run concurrently. During the overlap in periods of availability, grantees may expend funds from any of the grant programs.

The team at ESC Region 12 is here to provide assistance and training on the ESSER planning requirements, grant application, reporting, and compliance monitoring.

Check back periodically to see all the necessary reminders related to ESSER!



Important Dates:

  • 11/30/2023: ESSER II Liquidation Extension Data Collection due to TEA by 11:59pm CST. 
  • 01/02/2024: ESSER II Final Expenditure Report/Revised Final Expenditure Report due. 
  • 01/31/2024: USDE must respond to state’s ESSER II Liquidation Extension 
  • 07/02/2024: Last day to amend ESSER III Application for Funding 
  • 8/31/2024: GOAL: Complete all ESSER III Spending and Final Draw Down before this date in order to avoid additional ESSER USDE Reports in 2026.
  • 09/30/2024: End of carryover period for ESSER III funds, last day to legally obligate funds. 



  • ESSER III ends 9/30/24:
    • Before you complete your final draw, ensure you have me the 20% set-aside requirements.
    • Your goal should be to complete the final draw before 8/31/24 in order to avoid completing the USDE report in 2026. 
    • The last day to amend the grant application is 7/2/24. 
  • ESSER Expenditure Reminders:
    • Don’t forget to make your drawdowns regularly (such as quarterly or monthly).
    • Need to make changes? Significant changes may need to be amended in the grant application.
    • Remember your expenditures must be connected to allowable activities in the grant, and meet the intent of the ESSER grant (which must be related to the COVID-19 pandemic).
    • If you make expenditure changes in ESSER III, be sure to maintain at least 20% of your funds set aside for learning loss and SEL needs.

  • ESSER State Fiscal Reports are now open and required for every Expenditure Report (ER) for ESSER II, III and SUPP.
    • This is an additional fiscal report through SmartSheets that is activated once the ER is submitted. Justification documentation of expenditures with ESSER funds is still required and should be maintained at a local level.
    • To avoid TEA canceling payment requests, please see the “Timeline for Submitting ESSER State Fiscal Reporting Form with Each Payment Request” bulletin (linked HERE) for ESSER II, III, and Supplemental expenditure reporting.
    • Districts/LEAs only have 9 calendar days to submit State Fiscal Reporting Form after the request for payment.
    • After submission of the form, LEAs may be contacted for corrections. If the LEA doesn't respond to the correction request, the superintendent will be notified of the issue.
    • TEA will cancel payments if the LEA doesn't respond within 14 calendar days of escalating the information to the superintendent, and that may result in an increased risk level and more in-depth fiscal grant monitoring
    • 3.11 (payroll, stipends, supplanted salaries), 3.12 (operational continuity, Co-Op fees, etc.), and 6.1 (indirect costs) have been added. (as of November 2022)

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