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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)
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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)


Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) grant funding is authorized in three pieces of legislation. As a result, the ESSER programs are administered by TEA as separate grant programs. 


The ESSER I, CRRSA ESSER II, and ARP ESSER III grant programs run concurrently. During the overlap in periods of availability, grantees may expend funds from any of the grant programs.


The team at ESC Region 12 is here to provide assistance and training on the ESSER planning requirements, grant application, reporting, and compliance monitoring.


Check back periodically to see all the necessary reminders related to ESSER!




  • URLs should be posted and correct to include the required postings
    • Use of Funds
    • Return to In-Person and Continuity of Services (RIPICS)
  • Final third allocations should be coming soon (December 2021)
  • Random Validations for Required Postings are currently underway
  • 6 month updates to RIPICS plans are approaching
    • Stakeholder input and public commentary should be ongoing
  • NEW: ESSER III Maintenance of Equity (aka MOEquity, formerly MOQ)
    • TEA has provided instructions for ESSER III Maintenance of Equity (aka MoEquity or MOQ). Most of our districts are automatically exempt (look for your LEA name here to confirm your LEA’s exemption status).
    • Exempt? No further action needed
    • Not Exempt? Your LEA must complete this survey (MoEquity Document Submission Plan) to notify TEA through which option it will comply with MoQ. Must be submitted by 12/3/21
    • USDE waiver request: The LEA may request a waiver of MOEquity on the basis of “exceptional or uncontrollable circumstances,” as described on the MOEquity page of the TEA website.
    • LEA Self-Certification: The LEA may complete the self-certification to provide assurance of no reduction in combined aggregate state/local per-pupil funding to any campus within the LEA. The self-certification is available for completion within the MOEquity Document Submission Plan.
      MOEquity Tool: An LEA that does not 1) request a USDE waiver, or 2) self-certify no aggregate state/local per-pupil reduction in funding, must conduct equitable services testing with 2021–2022 current school year budgeted data using the MOEquity Tool. Instructions for using the tool are included on the MOEquity page of the TEA website. If this is your chosen option, the MoEquity Tool must be submitted to TEA via GFFC Reports in TEAL by December 10, 2021.


Expenditures need to be documented for any ESSER I, II, or III funds used

  • Each expenditure should have individual documentation
  • Justify: intent, reasonable & necessary, and allowable use

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