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School Support
Coordinated School Health programs provide cost-effective professional development and expert assistance for school health care providers and educators. Program activities are focused on providing research-based training, support, information updates and networking opportunities between state and national health organizations and regional school districts.
Counselor Co-op Services:

The Counselor Memberships offers the latest professional development, expert assistance, information updates, legislative mandates, and networking with professional counselors in an effort to enhance school campus achievement and performance. 

Benefits include:

  • Guidance and support for ethical and legal accountability
  • Updates regarding legal mandates
  • Crisis Response Team (CRT) and Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI)
  • Licensed Professional Counseling (LPC) and Continuing Professional Development (CPE) Credits
  • Counselor trainings and workshops provided at no additional cost
  • Discount for student presentations/assemblies
  • Additional resources and tools to support statewide initiatives relevant to school counseling as needed


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 CTE Carl Perkins SSA

ESC Region 12 offers professional development, expert assistance and guidance in meeting Career and Technical Education (CTE) state and federal requirements, as well as providing college and career readiness information and resources.

Benefits include:

  • Technical assistance for districts to establish endorsements & career pathways
  • Technical assistance for districts to set up the required 12 hours of college credits for all students
  • Technical assistance with aptitude and interest inventory assessments for 8th graders
  • Counselor assistance in developing four-year career pathway plans for 8th graders
  • Technical assistance for PBM & PBMAS strategies
  • Professional development
  • Technical assistance with evaluation of district CTE program
  • Career Information Delivery System assistance and training
  • Technical assistance to CTE teachers about student certification


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CTE Council Co Op

This membership offers the latest training, expert assistance, information updates and networking for all member district staff at an affordable package price.


Benefits include:

  • College, Career & Military Preparation support
  • Unlimited attendance at all ESC Region 12 CTE training sessions at no additional cost.
  • Free registration for Connect3 conference
  • Methods of Administration Technical Assistance
  • Carl D Perkins Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment and Grant Technical Assistance 

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ESC Region 12 provides training on TSDS/PEIMS data elements and requirements and facilitates TSDS/PEIMS services to meet statewide submission requirements.


Benefits include:

  • TSDS PEIMS and Core Collection training
  • Facilitation of PEIMS/Core Collection processes
  • Student Attendance Accounting Handbook training/support
  • Year-long TSDS PEIMS and Core Collection updates
  • Discipline training
  • TREx, Unique ID, and Event Tracking Support
  • New PEIMS Coordinator training


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Safe Schools Membershi

This membership offers school safety support and resources ranging from information sharing to action resulting in seamless support for school safety.


Benefits include:

  • School Safety professional development opportunities 
  • Safety & Security Committee
  • DVA Support
  • Safe & Supportive School (SSSP)
  • EOP
  • Support during emergency situations
  • School Climate Survey
  • Discounted Safety Audit


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Health Co Op Membership Benefits

This membership offers multiple services, professional development training opportunities and expert assistance at no additional charge.


Benefits include:

  • Accurate and timely notification of health related requirements
  • A liaison between national, state, and local health agencies
  • Information dissemination to healthcare providers and educators via email and website
  • Research-based instruction and technical assistance in healthy lifestyles and living
  • Documentation of training and technical assistance to state funding agencies
  • Relevant legal issues related to all areas of health and fitness
  • Trainings and workshops provided at no additional cost
  • Vision, hearing, and spinal screening training
  • Relevant information regarding health and fitness
  • CPR/AED and first aid sessions provided free or at a reduced cost


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