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Gifted & Talented

Do you want support to ensure compliance with the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented students? We are here to help you meet the unique needs of gifted learners. The Gifted and Talented Support Service provides professional development and expert assistance to PK-12 teachers and administrators in the ESC Region 12 area.


  • 30 hours of basic training

  • Annual six-hour update on various topics

  • 6-hour training for administrators and counselors

  • Online basic training

  • Evidence-Based Professional Development

  • Expert Assistance

  • Ongoing Communication

GT Training Flyer 2019

In light of the recent events, the Gifted Education team at ESC Region 12, has elected to convert the 2020 GT Conference: Soaring to New Heights to a virtual conference offered on two different dates, June 10th and August 6th. We feel that this will still allow you to achieve your update hours, learn from qualified experts, while at the same time maintain your health and safety. 
Our goal for the conference remains the same. We are bringing you sessions and presenters that will focus on building awareness around the social-emotional learning needs of gifted students, instructional strategies that focus on student creativity, and differentiation methods and strategies that can be utilized in a variety of content areas. 
The conference will begin with a live Zoom session on Wednesday, June 10th or Thursday, August 6th (depending on which conference date you register for) presented by Jeni Janek, ESC Region 12 Counseling Specialist, which will focus on the social-emotional needs of gifted students. Attendees will then receive access to a bank of pre-recorded sessions to watch to obtain the remainder of their professional development hours. Although you will only be asked to watch a total of 6 sessions, all of the sessions will be available to you for 72 hours. Attendees will be provided a Google reflection form to document their sessions in order to obtain their update hours. 
If you were already registered for the event on June 10th your registration remained the same. If you were registered for the event on June 11th your original registration was cancelled and transferred over to June 10th. All those registered to attend the conference will receive an email a week in advance to provide access to your pre-recorded sessions. If you have questions about this format, technical support, or any other concerns, please feel free to reach out.