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Innovative Teaching Academy

Do you feel like you aren't getting through to your students? Today's learners are vastly different from past generations. This new academy will give you opportunities to get informed, get connected, and learn to inspire others.


Made up of three levels, this academy will include specific professional development experiences that you will be able to tailor to your interests, ongoing support from ESC specialists and teachers across the region and more!


Registration is May 1 through June 16, 2022.

Session #281785


For more information, contact:

Andi McNair

(254) 297-1291

Joshua Essary

(254) 297-1250

Kari Espin

(254) 297-1123

  • Complete a minimum of 42+ hours of professional learning experiences including the following topics:

    • 12-hours at transformED 2022 (June 14-15, 2022)
    • 12-hours at transformED 2023 (June 13-14, 2023)
    • 12-hours of our new Shark Tank experiences (two 6-hour experiences, dates are: July 25, 2022; October 26, 2022; March 23, 2023)
    • 6-hours to a Digital Innovation workshop of your choosing


    Learning experiences will be specific to each event. Reflection opportunities will be made available to the participants.

  • Take the next step and become a connected educator by collaborating with other educators and outside experts. Activities include:

    • Participate in Twitter chats with #r12digin or other related hashtags.
    • Join and contribute to the #r12digin Voxer chat to share ideas and learn from others.
    • Participate in the Digital Learning Network or other Region PLC
    • Connect your class with another classroom outside of our region.
    • Observe an innovative teacher academy peer in another school district. - Later these will become "spark classroom" observation
    • Connect your classroom with outside experts.
  • The final level focuses on leadership and modeling innovative teaching practices for other educators. To complete the academy, educators must complete a minimum of three leadership opportunities including:

    • Present at transformED 2023*
    • Submit a video demonstrating the integration of one of the learning experiences in their own classroom
    • Start a blog or vlog to share out with others
    • Evidence of leadership on your campus