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Leadership Membership

Effective campus instructional leaders with clear roles and responsibilities develop, implement, and monitor campus systems and structures that are aligned to a compelling school mission, vision, values, and goals rooted in student achievement.


ESC Region 12 Principal liaisons provide professional development, expert assistance and ongoing support to campus and central office administrators throughout the region. Professional development offered as a part of the membership is determined by the annual needs assessment, current trends and state priorities. Training listed below are offered at no additional charge to members of the Leadership Membership and are designed to strengthen the capacity of every campus leader.

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  • Accountability 101 for Campus Administration

    A half-day session that allows district and campus administrators and instructional decision makers to develop a deep understanding of the methodology of the current Texas A-F Accountability system. 

  • An opportunity for campus and district leadership to collaborate and network between and within districts while receiving pertinent curricular updates.

  • Explore innovative strategies, best practices, and personalized support frameworks aimed at empowering and nurturing the growth of educators entering the field through alternative pathways.

  • Elevating campus leadership through tailored consultation, serving as your trusted thought partner and mentor on the journey towards impactful leadership. Scheduled in 2 hour increments. 

    Please contact Jessica Torres, Director, for pricing or scheduling inquiries.

  • A one-day Leadership Conference designed to provide a variety of collaborative breakout sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for attendees. Participants in the Leadership Series and Leadership Membership are offered the opportunity to attend this conference at no additional cost. 

  • Participants will learns how to determine staffing needs early in the spring based upon student choice requests and student PGP's.

    Once staffing needs are determined, participants will work through the process of how to build a master schedule of classes based upon the needs of the students and ensure they can go into hiring season knowing who they need to hire.

  • An insightful session tailor to campus administrators, delving into the key walkthrough look-fors for Research-Based Instructional Strategies. Gain valuable resources and practical insights to enhance your leadership in promoting effective teaching methods and student engagement.

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