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ESC Region 12 Strategic Leadership serves as a partner for schools to provide training and support for strong systems that drive successful district and staffing options. Our goal is to place quality teachers in classrooms. We offer an array of services to meet these needs:


Systems Support

  • Systems Analysis and Planning using the Texas Strategic Leadership Effective District Framework

  • Building educator certification pathways for the teacher apprentice, using the Texas Strategic Staffing model

  • Support for crafting/revising District of Innovation plans



Certification Support

  • Tools for staffing decisions using temporary certificates and permits
  • Alternative certification guidance
  • Paraprofessional Preparation


Texas Strategic Staffing
Texas Strategic Leadership
  • Paraprofessionals are critical partners with educators in the classroom. The ESC Region 12 Paraprofessional Academy prepares the individual to meet the highly qualified requirement in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Participants must demonstrate proficiency in the ability to assist in the instruction of reading, writing, and mathematics in the context of effective teaching practices and classroom management. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment deeming them highly qualified.


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  • Texas Strategic Staffing is a 2-year process in which a district and EPP commit to designing and implementing a paid teacher residency program that is sustainably funded by reallocating district resources to compensate teacher residents who take on additional instructional responsibilities in the district while completing a year-long teacher residency program.  


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  • ESC Region 12 was selected to pilot the Texas Strategic Leadership and Effective District Framework. The Texas Strategic Leadership (TSL) prioritizes the importance of systems thinking, performance management, executive coaching, strategic leadership, landscape analysis, and capacity building. TSL supports districts in prioritizing student outcomes and engaging stakeholders in the process of change management.
  • While ESC Region 12 no longer offers teacher certification training, we can recommend you consider one of the three programs we partner with in your search for quality training. 


    • Region 4 INSPIRE Teacher Certification Program
    • UMHB My Way Certification Program
    • MCC Teacher Certification Program


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Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons


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Allison Middleton

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