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Inquiry-Based, Job-Embedded Professional Development 

Texas Lesson Study (TXLS) is inquiry-based, job-embedded professional development where teachers work collaboratively to develop, teach, and assess research-based lessons. Teachers collaborate in teams of 2 - 5 to identify a concept students have difficulty understanding, research and design a lesson plan for teaching that concept, teach the lesson, reflect and refine the lesson and reteach it.

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Lesson Study is a framework for collaborative instructional research and lesson design that can be implemented by any campus. The construct of the Lesson Study groups can vary based on the campus size and needs.

The purpose of Lesson Study is to help teachers improve their effectiveness, share best practices with other teachers, improve student outcomes, and provide a platform to demonstrate mastery within the teaching profession.

Benefits of Texas Lesson Study

  • Improves teacher effectiveness through self-reflective, outcome-oriented, research-based learning communities
  • Improves student outcomes
  • Builds capacity of instructional staff
  • Increases collective teacher-efficacy and enhances school culture
  • Texas Lesson Study is grant-funded, making it FREE to participate.


    Lesson Study is flexible: weekly collaborative sessions, half days, whole days. The schedule can be tailored to meet campus needs.


    Lesson Study supports teachers in applying district and campus initiatives.


    We will work with your campus and/or district to determine campus needs and then get started with a sustainable plan. 

    We will guide the team through:

    • selecting an area of focus by examining campus data
    • researching and designing the lesson
    • observing the lesson and evaluating the outcome
    • the revision process and preparing the lesson for publication

    Our staff will support the team through the entire process and celebrate their success. Most importantly, we will help the campus sustain the lesson study work, independent of an outside facilitator. 


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1. Examine & Identify: Dive into data to determine an area of focus based on both longitudinal and vertical data. Consider a teaching focus or strategy based on campus goals.


2. Review & Plan: With the help of the ESC Facilitator, teachers:

  • Analyze current research on misconceptions, student learning, and effective instructional techniques
  • Study and implement current district and campus initiatives
  • Review curriculum documents
  • Create pre- and post-assessments prior to lesson design
  • Develop a research-based, best practice lesson


3. Teach & Observe: One teacher instructs the lesson while the other teachers collect data on student engagement and learning during the lesson. Outside observers are invited to observe the lesson and provide feedback. 


4. Reflect & Revise: Teachers and outside observers will reflect on the research lesson and discuss the data collected. The conversation is focused on instruction and improving student learning outcomes. Teachers will then decide on and implement revisions to the research lesson. Teachers may repeat Phase 3 and 4.


5. Network & Share: Teachers will share the research lesson and findings with their peers. 

Texas Lesson Study Cycle
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