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Reading Academies at ESC Region 12

HB3 Reading Academies

These academies are provided based on House Bill 3, passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June of 2019. In accordance with this bill, all kindergarten through third grade teachers and principals must attend a teacher literacy achievement academy by the 2022-2023 school year.



ESC Region 12 is a TEA Authorized Provider of HB3 Reading Academies.


We are excited to offer these mandated academies to Region 12.


All additional information related to the HB 3 Reading Academies will be posted below as it becomes available.


For additional information and resources, please visit TEA's Reading Academies Website.



For the quickest response and most up-to-date FAQ's, please direct all questions here.



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Katie Holcomb


  • Locally implementing? To hire a cohort leader, they will need to take and pass the screener


    June, July, August, September 2021 Start

    Cohort Leader Screener Windows:

    • Nov. 9 - 20: Notified Dec. 3
    • Feb. 1 - 12: Notified Feb. 19
    • Apr. 6 - 16: Notified Apr. 30
    • May 3 -14: Notified May 22
    • July 5 - 16: Notified July 30
    • Aug. 3 - 13: Notified Aug. 21

    After pass notification, virtual training dates:

    • Dec. 14 - 16
    • May 26 - 28
    • June 21 - 23
    • July 19 - 21
    • Sept. 13 - 15
  • Pre-Registration Information
    ESC LEAD Cohorts - Summer 2021


    Blended - June 14 start - Session #233169
    Pre-registration ends May 31

    Blended - July 12 start - Session #233170
    Pre-registration ends June 14

    Comprehensive - July 12 start - Session #233175
    Pre-registration ends May 31

    Blended - August 9 start - Session #233173
    Pre-registration ends July 19

    Blended - Admin September 13 - Session #233190
    Pre-registration ends August 23

    How to Preregister
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Brittany Thomas

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Christa Miller

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Denetra Moore

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Rachel Page

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Dayna Patzke

Katie Holcomb Headshot, ESC Region 12

Katie Holcomb
Grant Manager

Cohort Leader Information



  • Successfully complete screener
  • Demonstrate proficiency with artifacts
  • Review & evaluate sample artifacts effectively
  • Secure employment with Authorized Provider or district

If you are a teacher and are interested in this opportunity, talk with your school, district and regional leadership.




  • Authorized Provider will arrange registration for virtual training.
  • Only hired Cohort Leaders will attend training dates.
  • All cohort leaders must attend mandatory training and complete the work as assigned.

  • Full-Time Cohort Leader 

    Must have the capacity to serve up to the following:

    • Three blended Cohorts


    • One Comprehensive Cohort


    Part-Time Cohort Leader 

    Must have the capacity to serve up to the following:

    • One blended Cohort
      (12-13 hours per week)


    • Two Blended Cohorts
      (24-26 hours per week)
    Planning 1.1
    Content Knowledge and Expertise 2.2
    Differentiation 2.4
    Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures 3.1
    Planning 1.1
    Content Knowledge and Expertise 2.2
    Differentiation 2.4
    Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures 3.1
  • Districts can choose to implement through a blended or comprehensive model. 

    A comprehensive model includes:

    • Personalized coaching from a Cohort Leader
    • 10 face-to-face professional development sessions
    • Use Canvas for submission of artifacts and receive feedback from Cohort Leader
    • 11 months to complete coursework


    A blended model includes: 

    • Completely online professional development using Canvas 
    • Use Canvas for submission of artifacts and receive personalized feedback from Cohort Leader
    • 11 months to complete coursework
  • Districts that choose the local implementation option will pay an annual flat fee per Cohort Leader, and will not pay a separate fee per teacher or administrator. However, it is important to note that there is a limit on the number of people who can be in a cohort. 


    Districts will need to employ enough qualified Cohort Leaders to provide training to their teachers by 2022, and they will pay the flat fee per Cohort Leader annually.

  • Yes – School leaders should choose the best model or combination of models for their individual teachers’ needs.  Both the Comprehensive and the Blended models will cover the same content using the same LMS (Canvas) and require submission of the same artifacts.  Both models are expected to take the same amount of training time and should be completed in 11 months.  The Comprehensive model also includes individual coaching support for teachers.
  • The HB3 reading academies are required for all K-3 teachers, including special education teachers.  TEA plans to propose temporary exemptions for certain special area teachers – Art, Music, and PE. 
  • Teachers and administrators who are enrolled in the Comprehensive model of the reading academies will still have access to the online materials through Canvas, so they will be able to work with their Cohort Leader and make up the content that they missed. Exact procedures for this type of scenario are still being developed.
  • Users will register through, which will open on or after June 1, 2020.  This URL will take users to a Canvas Catalog registration portal.  Before registering through, users must identify their TEAL Unique ID. 
  • There are two payment options available – credit card payment and purchase order payment. 
  • When teachers and administrators register for HB3 Reading Academies through the Canvas Catalog registration portal, the funds will go directly to the Authorized Provider.  Funds will not pass through TEA. Purchase orders should be made to ESC Region 12.
  • Yes. The HB 3 Reading Academies are written into state statute and are required for all teachers and principals in grades Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.
  • Once enrolled in the HB3 reading academy course, participants will be able to access one of three different pathways appropriate to their learning needs:

    • Bilingual general education and bilingual special education teachers
    • General education and special education teachers
    • Administrators
  • The content for the reading academies is still under development.  The reading academies are using current research on literacy and language development in addition to solid research from the past that is still relevant for teachers and administrators.  The content is reflective of the characteristics and needs of today’s learners.  There will be 12 modules covered:

    • Introduction
    • The Science of Teaching Reading
    • Establishing Literacy Communities
    • Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction
    • Oral Language and Vocabulary 
    • Phonological Awareness 
    • Alphabet Knowledge 
    • Decoding, Encoding, and Word Study
    • Reading Fluency
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Composition
    • Tiered Supports
  • The artifacts that will be required are still under consideration by TEA.
  • We fully anticipate that the artifacts will be graded using rubrics that will be available for reference by participants during module completion. 

    It is likely that multiple raters will be used for grading each artifact, and that the Cohort Leader would be one of those raters. 

    More information is expected on this question as the artifacts are finalized.

  • Administrators will be provided with the same content as teachers, but they will have a specific pathway within each module that will address their needs as an administrator.  If an administrator is enrolled in the same course as their teachers (not admin only cohort), the administrator will have the same content as the teachers. 
  • No. Cohort leaders can lead either a comprehensive cohort or up to three blended cohorts, but not both.
  • That decision would be made by the district.  If the district was serving as the Authorized Provider or implementing locally, this would likely not cost additional money.  However, if the district was using an Authorized Provider and determined the need to switch models, the Authorized Provider would likely charge additional funds. 
  • At this time, all of the Reading Academies timelines we have previously communicated and committed to, are still in effect. 
  • No, you do not have to begin the course on July 13. You will have access to the course beginning on that day. The blended cohort through ESC Region 12 will begin on July 13. the course will run for 11 months. You must complete and pass the course within those 11 months. You can access the information anytime after July 13 and must finish it before June 13, 2021. 

Please navigate through the prompts below to troubleshoot using the website.


  • FIX - It looks like you already have an account and will need to log in before you enroll. 

    (These next steps work best if you are on a computer and not a phone.) 

    • Click the cohort link that was emailed to you. 
    • In the top right corner, you should see the word 'login' in blue. Click this and it should take you to the blue TEA Learn screen. 
    • Enter your login information. This should take you to the screen where you see that you have been enrolled in the passport to canvas course. 
    • Come back to this email and click your cohort link again.
    • Instead of login in the top right, it should say your name. 
    • Now, click on the $400 enroll / enroll button and you should be able to continue the registration process. 
  • Under the promotion code box, there is a button that says ‘proceed to payment’. Click this button. You should be able to enter a PO number at the next screen. 
    1. Click on the link cohort link you received in your email. Log in with your TEA Learn information. 
    2. Once logged in, you should see a blue and orange Reading Academy logo at the top left corner of the dashboard. Click this logo. 
    3. You should see a search bar now under the logo and/or a link that says ‘search for a course’. Choose either option to search for ‘passport to canvas’. 
    4. Once you find the course, click on it and enroll for free.