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McKinney-Vento & Homelessness
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Students Experiencing Homelessness


The McKinney-Vento Act provides rights and services to children and youth experiencing homelessness, which includes those who are:

  • sharing the housing of others due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason
  • staying in motels, trailer parks, or camp grounds due to the lack of an adequate alternative
  • staying in shelters or transitional housing; or sleeping in cars, parks, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, or similar settings.


  • Identification of children and youth experiencing homelessness

    Every year, LEAs must capture living arrangements of every student enrolled.  This is typically  done through a Student Residency Questionnaire (SRQ) sent at the beginning of the school year or when a student enrolls.


  • Students Experiencing Homelessness Have Rights and Services Including:


    • Enrollment- the right to immediate enrollment even if documents normally required are not available
    • School of Origin- the right to attend the school where the child or youth was permanently housed or the last school enrolled
    • Transportation- the right to receive transportation to and from their school of origin, including all feeder schools to the school of origin
    • Educational Stability- the right to have full and equal educational opportunity to meet the academic and state achievement requirements as their non-homeless peers
    • Educational Services- the right to receive educational services for which the student is eligible including Head Start and preschool programs
    • Parent Engagement- the right for parents to be informed of educational opportunities and participate through meaningful engagement in the education of their child or youth


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