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ESC Region 12 Partners with STOPit Solutions to Offer Anonymous Reporting System and Wellness Programs at No Cost to Area Schools
Waco, Texas – ESC Region 12 has partnered with STOPit Solutions, one of the nation’s leading experts in school safety, to bring its Anonymous Reporting System (ARS) and SEL & Compliance Training Center (SCTC) to approximately 53 schools, and support 154,000 students across the state of Texas at NO COST. Districts can learn more and sign up on the ESC Region 12 website.

The combined programs teach and empower students, staff, and administrators to recognize and anonymously report safety, misconduct, and compliance concerns BEFORE they escalate into a crisis, while also providing curriculum to educate and help prevent such concerns from ever occurring. Funding is being provided through the Stop School Violence Act by a Department of Justice grant awarded to ESC Region 12 in October.

"I am excited to receive this grant to be able to offer this important tool to our schools. An anonymous reporting tool is an important piece to caring for the wellbeing of our students. Through a tool such as this, schools can receive a direct report of potential or concerning behavior," says Heather Wheeler, Education Specialist, ESC Region 12.     

STOPit ARS will allow students, parents, and staff to submit anonymous reports directly from their mobile phone or web browser to district officials of individuals displaying inappropriate or unsafe behavior. Once district officials receive the incident, they assess and take action to intervene and get help for the identified individual – many times within minutes for any life-threatening situations. STOPit SCTC provides an on-line comprehensive curriculum on key social and emotional learning (SEL) and safety topics, such as suicide prevention, vaping, bullying/cyberbullying, and harassment, to educate students and staff on how to recognize signs, take action, and/or prevent it from occurring.

“We are honored to be partnering with ESC Region 12 to bring our life- changing (and saving) programs to students, parents, and staff, stated Tim Makris, CEO of STOPit Solutions. Our proven programs will help create a safer, healthier school environment while also getting help for individuals who may need it most.” 

ESC Region 12 and STOPit Solutions will be rolling out the programs this month. Districts need only three to six weeks to fully set up, onboard school officials and train students. 

For more information please visit our website. For questions or program inquiries, contact Heather Wheeler, Education Specialists,, 254-297-1166.