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Area School Districts Received Nearly $53,000 in Technology Integration Grants

Grant Winners with Big Check

WACO, Texas - Education Service Center (ESC) Region 12 Technology Foundation recently awarded school districts with nearly $53,000 in grant funds to support educational technology programs. 

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Dawson ISD's Elementary campus received $9,800 to empower struggling readers and English as a second language students to read independently through the use of reading pens. This tool and program will help students develop confidence in their reading abilities across subject areas. The tool will also provide a one-to-one inclusive accommodation by allowing students to remain in the classroom with their peers.

Corsicana ISD’s Elementary campus received $10,000 for devices that will help to transform classrooms into digital learning communities in an effort to enhance student achievement through real world applications and hands-on learning that caters to each student's individual needs. Using more devices such as the Flipgrid will help teachers begin the process of flipping classrooms into globally connected learning labs, allowing students to have opportunities to practice listening and speaking skills in multiple languages.

La Vega ISD’s Primary campus received $7,150 to purchase technology that will help educators integrate engaging lessons and technology into the existing language arts curriculum for Pre-K 3 through kindergarten students.

Member districts in the Hill County SSA received $10,000 to develop an Assistive Technology Lending Library. This unique program will help students with special needs increase their functional capabilities in the classroom.

Hillsboro ISD’s Elementary received $8,677 to add interactive technology to their newly adopted social and emotional learning curriculum. The technology will help the district support academic proficiency through engaging, whole group, interactive digital learning and restorative practices.

McGregor ISD's High School received $7,911 to purchase TI-84+graphing calculators that will allow students to graph multiple graphs on one screen and in various colors. The advanced feature will help students increase their understanding of graphing multiple algebraic functions and extend knowledge of mathematical models.

Including these grants, the ESC Region 12 Technology Foundation, has awarded nearly $386,000 to school districts and charter schools, serving 14,236 students in Central Texas.