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Registration Help

The ESC Region 12 registration system was designed to register participants for professional development opportunities offered by the center. The system also maintains electronic copies of certificates awarding Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours to participants.


In the tabs below, you can find additional information to assist you in using our system. You may also contact our Event Management team at (254) 297-1210, at We are here to help!


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  • Search for sessions online at Once you've found a workshop you're interested in, click on the blue "Register" button in the upper right-hand corner. Each time you click Register, the session will be added to your cart. Once you have selected all the sessions desired, click Checkout at the bottom of the page.


    You will be prompted to log in (if you haven't already) and will be taken to a screen to verify that your organization, site/district, school and position information is correct. Check the box at the bottom to certify the information is accurate.


    You will then see a list of the sessions selected, including the session prices. If you should receive a special price due to your district belonging to a co-operative or shared services arrangement, the new price will be reflected here. If you have multiple sessions in your cart, you can remove a session if needed by clicking the Remove button. If you wish to search for additional sessions, select Search by Keyword on the left menu. Your selected items will remain in your cart, and you can go back to your cart by clicking the Registration Cart link in the upper right corner of the screen.


    Once you have the desired sessions listed in your cart, click the blue Checkout button at the bottom. If there is no charge for the session, you will receive a confirmation that your registration is complete. If there is a fee, you will be taken to a payment screen. Payment can be made by purchase order from your district, credit card or electronic check. NOTE: Many districts require staff to obtain a purchase order before registering for training. Please follow the requirement guidelines of your district.

    After selecting and entering your payment information, click the Complete Checkout at the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll down to see it if you have selected multiple sessions.) You should see the registration confirmation screen.

  • Payment may be made online with a credit card, electronic check, school purchase order, or by mail or on-site with a check or school purchase order. 

    When paying with a school purchase order, enter the purchase order number.
  • Education Service Center Region 12 offers a number of Co-operatives and Shared Service Arrangements. Shared Service Arrangements (SSAs) and co-operatives are agreements between member districts and the Education Service Center.  They allow schools to pool funds and receive services at a discounted rate through these partnerships.

    Benefits of participation include trainings at no additional cost or at lower cost and direct services performed for the member districts.

    Follow the steps below to see what Co-ops or SSAs your district is a member of and browse free and discounted training available under each membership.

    1. Visit our ESC Works Professional Development site at
    2. Log In or Create an Account if you are a new ESC Works user. You will need to create an ESC Works account even if you had an account on our previous system.
    3. In the blue menu bar on the left, Click Co-op Membership to see a list of memberships purchased by your district.
    4. Click on the desired Co-op or SSA to see a list of free or discounted training available to members.

  • Registration is not complete until you reach the "Registration Confirmation" message. You can exit at any time before completing registration. Sessions selected will remain in your cart when you log in at a later time.


    If there are sessions in your cart, the Registration Cart link in the upper right corner of the screen will indicate the number of items. You can click the link to view your cart and complete registration or remove items.


    We make every effort to conduct all sessions as scheduled. At times, changes or cancellations may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. Please confirm your session's date, time and location on our website before traveling to our offices.

  • If you have a special needs request, please be aware that it must be received 3 weeks prior to the session you have selected. We will be happy to provide a sign language interpreter, wheelchair access to all events/areas, braille, an interpreter, and/or large print handouts.  


    If you require any of these or have any other special needs, please email

  • ESC Region 12 meetings and events are designed to provide a professional learning environment for participants. In order to maintain this environment and ensure the safety of minors, we ask that participants not bring children under the age of 18 with them when attending meetings, events or trainings held at ESC Region 12, unless the event is specifically intended for minors. 
  • Messenger is the email name of out ESC Works registration system.  It is designed to automatically email a person who has registered for an event.  Our system will send emails:

    • To confirm registration
    • To remind you that you have an upcoming event 5 days before the event
    • To send you an evaluation survey and link to your certificate after the event

    If you have registered for an event with a duration of more than one day, you will receive a reminder email for each day of the event.  Each email will be sent 5 days before the date of the event.

    Within 7 business days after the event, attendees will receive an email inviting them to complete a short evaluation survey. Once the survey is submitted, a link will be provided to download your certificate.
  • Most sessions require a minimum of 10 preregistered participants to be held. ESC Region 12 reserves the right to cancel an event if fewer than 10 participants preregister for the event. If ESC Region 12 cancels an event or if the event exceeds maximum enrollment, a pre-paid participant will be issued a full refund or fee transferred to an ESC future event.
  • Download step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your reservation in ESC Works.


    Unpaid Sessions:

    If unpaid registered participants are unable to attend an event, they can cancel their registration in ESC Works themselves by logging into their account at and clicking on Registration History/Certificates. The reservation must be cancelled by the end of the day of the event. Otherwise, the participant / district will be invoiced for the cost of the session.


    Paid Sessions:

    If pre-paid registered participants are unable to attend an event, they can cancel their session in ESC Works themselves by logging into their account at and clicking on Registration History/Certificates. The reservation must be cancelled by the end of the day of the event. If the session was paid for with a credit/debit card or electronic check, the account will be automatically refunded. For sessions paid for using cash, check or purchase order, the participant should email before the end of the day of the event to receive a refund or transfer fee to a future event. 

  • Certificates will be available to you within 7 business days of the last day of the event you attended.
  • Within 7 business days after the last day of your event, you will receive an email inviting you to complete a short evaluation of the session. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will receive the link to print your certificate. The email will be sent from If you do not see the email, please check your Spam folder, and be sure to add this address to your safe senders list.

    You can also complete the evaluation and print certificates directly from your account in ESC Works by visiting, logging in to your account and selecting Registration History/Certificates. Click this link for instructions - Completing Evaluation and Obtaining Certificate

  • Workshop Certificates Archive (sessions before August 31, 2015.)

    Workshops attended prior to August 31, 2015 are still available from our Workshop Certificates Archive, which is linked on the ESC Works Home Page. The archive accesses your account from our prior system using your prior login ID and password. If you do not remember your password, click Forgot Password and a link to update it will be emailed to you. If you do not remember your login ID, or your email has changed, contact us at (254) 297-1210 for assistance.

    • Go to
    • Click the Access Certificates Prior to September 1, 2015 link
    • Log in using your login ID and password to the prior system. Click Forgot Password or contact us at (254) 297-1210 if you are unable to log in.
    • Sort the Certificates list by Title, Session# or Training Date by clicking the column header.
    • After locating the session, click the blue icon on the right to download a PDF of the certificate.


    If you do not see the session you are looking for in ESC Works or the Workshop Certificates Archive, you may have registered for that session using a different login ID and password. Some customers may have additional records under other names. If you do not see a session, please contact us at (254) 297-1210 for assistance so we can locate and merge the accounts into one record for your convenience.

    Need help accessing your certificates?  Contact or call (254) 297-1210.  We are happy to help!

  • Campus and District Registrars are school employees who have the ability to register multiple staff members of their respective schools at one time for professional development opportunities.  They also have reporting functionality available to them that regular users do not have.

    If you are registered for an event that you did not personally register for, it is possible that your Campus or District Registrar registered you for that event.  Please contact your school administrator to find out who your Campus or District Registrar is.

    If you are a school administrator and would like to learn more about Campus and District Registrars including how to give someone at your district that ability, contact our registration team at or at (254) 297-1210.