TEA Identifies Seven Local Campuses As Title I Reward Schools

WACO, Texas - The Texas Education Agency (TEA) identified 300 campuses across the state as High-Performing and/or High-Progress Title I schools for 2015-2016. Seven schools from Region 12 were among these and have been identified as Reward Schools.

  • Hubbard Elementary (Hubbard ISD)  - High-Progress and High-Performing
  • Paul and Jane Meyer Public HS (Rapoport Academy) - High-Progress and High-Performing
  • La Vega Elementary (La Vega ISD) - High-Progress and High-Performing
  • Hewitt Elementary (Midway ISD) - High-Progress
  • Leon Heights Elementary (Belton ISD) -  High-Performing
  • Crawford High School (Crawford ISD) - High Performing
  • Speegleville Elementary (Midway ISD) -  High-Performing

Title I schools are defined as campuses with a student population of at least 40 percent low-income.

The identification of high-performing and/or high-progress is based on statewide reading and mathematics assessments under the State Accountability System in the 2014-2015 school year and graduation rates.

A high-performing reward school is identified as a Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math performance, as well as the highest graduation rates at the high school level.

A high-progress reward school is identified as a Title I school in the top 25 percent in annual improvement or a school in the top 25 percent of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps.

“We are excited to congratulate these campuses for being recognized as Reward Schools,” said Ellen Hogan, education specialist for ESC Region 12. “We are proud of their accomplishments and the impact they have on the students here in Region 12.”