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Discovery Streaming Membership Packet

ESC Region 12 is pleased that you have elected to participate in the Discovery Education K-12 Learning Platform (formerly Discovery Education Streaming) Service for this school year.

This service begins on September 1 and ends August 31 of the next year.

To ensure a successful implementation of Discovery Education (DE), please complete the following steps.

Discovery Education
    1. Ensure that all staff members using this service review and comply with the User Agreement/Terms of Use.
    2. Select a staff member to serve as your Campus Account Manager; he or she will complete and submit the Campus Account Manager Information Form found below.


    Campuses new to DE are encouraged to register at least one person from your campus to one or more of the Discovery Education Virtual Training Opportunities.
    1. Complete and submit the Campus Account Manager Information Form found below.
    2. Review the step-by-step guides on the DE streaming website if you are new to this role or would like a refresher. Contact Lisa McCray if you have questions.
    3. Provide technical assistance to teachers on your campus for this program.

    The Discovery Education streaming™ Campus Administrator works directly with the Education Service Center Region 12 to setup and maintain campus accounts.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Attending a Training of Trainers session provided free of charge as a part of the Discovery Education contract if new to the service
    • Maintaining user accounts for the campus
    • Serving as the contact person for ESC Region 12 for technical issues
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      Last Name
      Address 1
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      Zip Code