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2018 Special Education Conference
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We are moving forward Together Towards Tomorrow. Connect for a day of learning from the comfort of your home, classroom, or office. Experts in the field of special education will provide breakout sessions on evidence - based practices for staff serving students with disabilities ages 6-21 in all instructional settings.

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To help meet the demands for student progress monitoring, you will receive a copy of Taming the Data Monster with your registration. This valuable resource offers tracking systems for skill acquisition or reduction of challenging behavior.


ECSE Teachers: Contact tchavez@esc12.net for a promo code to attend the Early Childhood Conference for $90

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Online via Zoom


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Special Education Conference
Session Title Presenter
8:15 - 8:30 AM Welcome- prerecorded video SMORE
8:30-10:00 AM
Visual Supports and Strategies to Promote Communication Cissy Carter
Supporting Students with Behavioral Needs Kelsey Ragan, Ph.D
The Hour-by-Hour Child: Effective Reinforcement Schedules for ADHD & Impulsivity Anissa Moore, M.Ed
10:00 - 10:15 AM BREAK
10:15 - 11:45 AM
Visual Supports and Strategies to Promote Communication Cissy Carter
Effective Vocabulary Instruction for All Learners Denise Gilbert
Supporting Students with Behavioral Needs Kelsey Ragan, Ph.D
The Hour-by-Hour Child: Effective Reinforcement Schedules for ADHD & Impulsivity Anissa Moore, M.Ed
11:45 - 1:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 - 2:30 PM
Structured Tasks and Activities for Reading Instruction Cissy Carter
Connecting with Texas Workforce Chris Haggard
Kayla Daniel
 Reality Bites! Strategies for Self-Injurious Students Anissa Moore, M.Ed 
2:30 -2:45 PM BREAK
2:45 - 4:00 PM
Structured Tasks and Activities for Reading Instruction Cissy Carter
Expert Panel Discussion - Approaches to Providing 18+ Services and Programs James Glidewell Waco ISD
Cheryl Nelson Temple ISD
Kim Johnson Midway ISD
Making Technology Work for YOU Josh Essary
Reality Bites! Strategies for Self-Injurious Students Anissa Moore, M.Ed

Cissy Carter, M.Ed.,BCBA


Llewellyn “Cissy” Carter has worked in public education for more than 30 years. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a speech therapist in Texas Public Schools. Over time, she has worked in and out of classrooms with individuals with disabilities of all ages and obtained a master’s in educational leadership. She has significant training and experience working with individuals with autism. Cissy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is TEACCH Certified - Advanced Consultant Level - through the TEACCH Professional Certification Program.


Contributing to the education, and therefore future, of individuals with disabilities has brought great joy to her life. Cissy enjoys training other teachers and staff members who serve students with disabilities on a variety of topics. She has had the opportunity to train educators in South Africa, Norway, Japan, Ireland, England, Bahrain, and all across the U.S.




Anissa Moore, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA


Anissa Moore is an independent educational consultant and licensed, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA / LBA) specializing in the field of ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, emotional disturbance, and oppositional defiance disorder. A certified teacher and administrator with over 28 years’ experience, Anissa brings “been there” experience yet fresh perspective to best practices for educators and families.


She currently consults as a national speaker, program consultant, independent IEP facilitator, and BCBA for school districts and legal firms across the nation. Anissa balances research-based principles with humor and personal experience in all her public speaking topics, encouraging participants to celebrate the gifts of special needs while addressing and supporting student challenges. Anissa lives in the San Antonio, Texas area with her husband and their teenage daughter. 


Kelsey Ragan, Ph.D

Kelsey Ragan, Ph.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor University. She is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP) and a Licensed Psychologist (LP). Her clinical background includes school psychology work in the public education system in Texas, Virginia, and Florida. She has also provided therapeutic and assessment services in clinical settings, including private practice and community-based clinics.


She has lectured on topics related to behavioral supports and accommodations, evidenced-based therapeutic interventions, special education services, along with other topics related to school- and clinic-based psychological services. Her primary research interests include behavioral consultations and interventions, with a focus on systematic reviews and meta-analytic methods. Dr. Ragan has presented internationally, nationally, and regionally, and her research has received special recognition from the American Psychological Association and Southwest Educational Research Association.

  • Research says that 65% of us are visual learners. Some say that number is higher for children. Using visual supports will help many, many individuals who need to improve their communication skills. These supports are especially helpful in learning pre-employment skills in grades K-12 and job skills for 18+ learners. Come get ideas to promote basic to complex skills. Supports will be shared that can be printed and used right away. Participants will be encouraged to apply ideas in new ways for the challenges their students face. 
  • Participants will learn strategies for working with students who have significant behavioral needs. Topics will include preventative techniques and specific interventions for individual students, as well as systemic changes that can support these efforts. Early behavior intervention is the key to ensuring a lifetime of success!

  • Would you like to ramp up your vocabulary instruction?  If so, this session is just for you!  Join us as we explore a four-step routine backed by research and promoted by Dr. Anita Archer from Explicit Instruction.  This routine can transform your vocabulary instruction, making lessons come alive for both the teacher and students.  Student learning is always the goal.  This process will help students of all levels learn and use the academic vocabulary from any content.
  • Students diagnosed with attention disorders may present several challenges in the classroom, but with the right structure, accommodations, and reinforcement schedules, these students can shine! Participants will 1) identify the mind/body connection of a student with ADHD, 2) compare and contrast challenging student behavior to prosocial opportunities, and 3) apply individualized reinforcement to produce positive outcomes for students with ADHD and related attention challenges. With the right reinforcement, desired student behavior will increase and bring out the best in these special students! 
  • Structured tasks can help students focus on specific skills and support them at different levels of learning. Completing tasks independently builds confidence and fluency.  This presentation will be full of ideas for tasks that promote reading skills from phonemic awareness to comprehension of passages.  Participants will be provided access to tasks they can print and use right away.  They will take away ideas that they can adapt and apply to the needs of their students.

  • When working with students who engage in self-injurious behaviors, it’s important to know the function(s) of this behavior as well as the ways to redirect students and keep them safe. This session will teach participants how to 1) recognize antecedents to self-injury, 2) provide proactive supports, 3) teach replacement behaviors (including sensory strategies, communication supports, and environmental manipulation) and 4) effectively reinforce these replacement behaviors for long-term change. 
  • In this session, we will explore digital tools that have a high ceiling for engagement and productivity. More importantly, a low floor for usability. participants will be able to evaluate multiple options to determine which of these tools will have the biggest impact on their work, student achievement, personal productivity, and/or class culture. All of the tools explored will have a free price point with a proven track record.
  • Join this session to connect with a Transition and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor from Texas Workforce Solutions. This is the first step in creating a partnership that leads to student success. You will learn how to help students get connected with Texas Workforce for employment, college, and so much more!