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Tutoring Support

Tutoring Support


As part of HB4545, effective as of June 16, 2021, any student who did not pass STAAR grades 3-8 or EOC assessments, must receive accelerated instruction in the 2021-2022 school year (starting in fall 2021) or subsequent summer of 2022. Accelerated instruction entails either 1) assigning a classroom teacher who is a certified master, exemplary, or recognized teacher, or 2) delivering supplemental instruction (e.g., tutoring) before or after school, or embedded in the school day and meeting HB 4545 requirements.


ESC Region 12 is offering a number of services to support schools and districts as they develop tutoring programs in accordance with the legislation.



Included in our services for districts receiving Decision 6 funding are supports for:

  • Amplify
  • Book Nook
  • Zearn

Trainings are available face to face or virtual and can be done in a half day format.

These trainings are offered at no cost to the district.

  • Amplify and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) have partnered to provide Texas school communities with access to high-quality, TEKS-aligned K–8 language arts and reading resources through Texas Home Learning. 


    View our Amplify Tutoring Support Services >

  • Zearn is built by teachers, for teaching. It is intentionally made to be a safe and inclusive place for kids to grow their brains—with concept exploration anchored in concrete objects and pictures, supportive feedback on every problem, and lots of chances to learn from mistakes.

    We’re a nonprofit, so we’re not driven by dollars—everything we do, offer, and make has one goal: to help kids love learning math.


    View our Zearn Tutoring Support Services >

Tutoring Support for All Districts


For those that did not opt to receive Decision 6 Funding, we also offer a number of services to support your campus or district as they establish the required tutoring system.


These supports include:

  • High Impact Tutoring- Building the System - FREE sessions coming soon
  • Tutor Training: Best Practices Self Paced Course - FREE 


Contact Shirley Strong for more information.