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Leadership Co-op

Leadership Co-op 


The Leadership Co-op provides members access to training including:

  • Instructional Leadership Symposium
  • Smart Teams
  • Accelerating Assistant Principals
  • New Principal Academy
  • Equity in Education
  • Change Management
  • Power up your Professional Development
  • Making a Difference with Data
  • Accountability: Data analysis for Student Success

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  • The First Year Principal Academy will focus on the principalship as it builds and unfolds throughout the first year. Through networking, dialogue, and scenario rich instruction, we will equip the first year principal with the necessary skills of time management, teacher appraisal, instructional leadership, communication and parent involvement.

  • As we move into a T-TESS model for appraising, the role of the principal begins to include instructional coaching, a role typically filled by coaches/specialists and teacher leaders. This shift will require a different skill set including the ability to have coaching conversations, building focused improvement plans with teachers of all skill sets, and background knowledge of best practices.

  • Tailored for veteran administrators who have a desire to network with peers and engage in dialogue aimed at increasing campus performance and their own growth and development. Aligned with T-PESS so that principals have opportunity to interact with the new appraisal system in such a way that their own goals manifest in such a way that it positively impacts district leadership capacity.

  • Designed for the district T-TESS lead. Sessions will be designed to flesh out the observation cycle as they begin to occur on the campus. Handouts and PowerPoints will be shared for district turnaround. Each meeting will include time devoted to action planning where districts can network, ask questions, plan upcoming PD and messaging.

  • Will provide campus administrators with cutting edge information regarding data analysis, legal issues, and campus culture so that the principal can better support teaching and learning.


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  • Designed to combine networking, dialogue, field-based experience, expert presenters to meet the needs of veteran principals. Topics are based on the campus calendar and principals’ interest.

  • Join this session as an entry point or refresher of the Professional Learning Community. Time will be dedicated to the following: getting groups that are functional; collaboration; working with difficult groups; as basic outcomes and priorities from PLC groups.