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Instructional Rounds

A new approach to improving teaching and learning

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ESC Region 12 has a team ready to help your campus/district implement Instructional Rounds.

Customer Testimonial

Rounds was an incredible learning opportunity for our administrative team. After our experience in this cohort, we now have a common understanding of what high-quality instruction should look like and how we as administrators can support it. 


Education Service Center Region 12 can partner with your campus/district to help you implement this unique professional learning model.

The Instructional Rounds process is about understanding what’s happening in classrooms and how you can move closer to improving instruction and impacting student learning.

This new approach:

  • Introduces educational leaders to the key principles and practices of an effective, classroom-oriented approach to observing, analyzing and improving teaching and learning.
  • Is a systemic improvement effort designed to help educators build a common language, process and structure around student learning.
  • Allows administrators and teachers to learn from one another and identify what good teaching and learning looks like. 



Inspired by the medical rounds model used by physicians, Instructional Rounds is a new form of professional learning. Through this process, educators develop a shared practice of observing, discussing and analyzing teaching and learning. The practice combines three common elements founds in schools: classroom observation, an improvement focus (problem of practice) and a network of educators. 

Campuses should choose a team of at least three people made up of administrators and teacher-leaders who will be involved in conducting Instructional Rounds.

This team must be committed to the year-round process of instructional training.

Instructional Rounds textbookWalk into any school in America and you will see adults who care deeply about their students and are doing the best they can every day to help students learn. But you will also see a much higher degree of variability among classrooms than in most other industrialized countries.


Today we are asking schools to do something they have never done before -- to educate all students to high levels. How can they accomplish that in every classroom for every child?


This book is intended to help education leaders and practitioners develop a shared understanding of what high-quality instruction looks like and what schools and districts need to do to support it.