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Instructional Practices Inventory

Profiling Engaged Learning

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For more information about the Instructional Practices Inventory visit Dr. Jerry Valentine’s website:



The Instructional Practices Inventory is a teacher-led process for collecting data about student cognitive engagement during class time, for organizing the data into user-friendly profiles, and for faculty collaborative study of the data so classroom teachers can more effectively design and implement quality learning experiences for their students


The IPI process can be formally defined as: “A process for creating an optimum profile of student engagement in learning that teachers will view as fair and accurate, thus becoming a basis for collaborative faculty study and subsequent refinement of how students are engaged in learning throughout the school.” 


  • It provides valid, reliable data for profiling student engaged learning

  • It helps educators build a common language, process and structure

  • It serves as the basis for the collaborative problem-solving faculty conversations necessary in a professional learning community

  • It is a teacher-led, teacher empowering process

  • It is an evidence-based continuous improvement process for your campus

  • It facilitates organizing data into user-friendly profiles for faculty collaborative study of the data



Teachers and administrators in a meetingInstructional Coaching Academy

Build the capacity of your campus-based instructional specialists and/or coaches through ongoing collaboration, support and learning.


This year-long service includes:

  • Three full-day network meetings that include a book study at ESC Region 12
  • Onsite coaching days available 

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