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  3. Once you have logged in to your account, click on the Send button 

    Select "Send Money" once logged into paypal
  4. Enter the following email address in the box: payments@esc12.net and click next.
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Option 1: Paid in Full


Candidates who pay tuition (including enrollment fee) in full before or at orientation will receive a $500 discount. Payments may be made with a credit card, check or money order.  No cash is accepted.

  • $6,100 less $500 discount = $5,600


Option 3: Monthly Payments

(After initial $1000 payment-total $6100)


You agree to make 8 monthly installments of $637.50 beginning November 1 - June 1.  

  • $5,100 + $40 processing fee = $5140
  • $5,140/8 months = $637.50

Option 2: Two Payments

(After initial $1000 payment-total $6100)


$2,550 - due by November 1

$2,550 - due by February 1 



Payments via Payroll Deduction or Credit Card auto draft are preferred.


Option 4: Funds Pending 


Funds are provided from an approved outside source [The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA), Texas Rehabilitation Commission, or a personal loan institution.

Documentation from the provider must be presented at Registration.

Funds must be received by Region 12 consistent with the two payment schedule after the initial  $1000 payment:

$2,550 - due by November 1
$2,550 – due by February 1 

It remains the responsibility of the student to make timely payments to ESC Region 12 until the full amount is received from the funding source. 

The enrollment fee of $1,000 (non-refundable) is due at/before Orientation and timely payments to ESC Region 12 are required until the full amount is received from the funding source. Reimbursement of any tuition overpayments will be issued as applicable.

Refunds – Second Class Day Policy

A refund of a percentage of fees paid to the ESC Region 12 Principal Preparation and Certification Program will be authorized upon submission of a written request to withdraw enrollment and the return of all textbooks by the close of business following the second day of classNo refunds will be given after the second day of face to face class.  Any over payments will be refunded after balance is paid in full.

  • Option 1: Paid in Full

    $4,995 due the first night of the program

    Option 2: Month-to-Month

    $500 due the first night of the program

    $360 per month for the following 14 months

    Payments via Payroll Deduction or Credit Card auto draft are preferred.


    Funding Sources Accepted by TPCP:

  • TPCP Program fee for single certification (includes textbooks): $5,500 (or $4,995 if paid upfront)

    Affordable monthly payment plan is offered. Call for details. 

    There is a separate surcharge of $35.00 due to TEA for technology expenses

    Possible Additional Program Fees:

    • $600 Add on Certification (Special Education or Bilingual)
    • $750 Employment outside Region 12 during the internship year
    • $400 One Year Intern Certification

    *Fees are subject to change without notice


    Fees required by the State Board for Educator Certification and paid to outside agencies:

    • $116 - Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) - usually two required during Pre-service
    • $41.25 - Fingerprint Fee - required before receiving Probationary Certificate
    • $78 - Probationary Certificate - required for internship year
    • $78 - Intern Certificate - one year certificate
    • $78 - Standard Certificate - at completion of program
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