Class on 2017 Master of Arts in Teaching Graduates
Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Arts in Teaching 

Seize the opportunity to earn your Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) while obtaining your teaching certification from ESC Region 12, Waco, Texas.


Benefits include:

  • Money savings with dual enrollment
  • Convenient local and online classes
  • Master of Arts degree from a fully accredited college

“The preparation I received at ESC Region 12 made me ready to be an effective teacher and excel in my profession. Louisiana College added more meaning to my purpose as an educator. I am very pleased to have selected Region 12 in first place. My mentors were superb and the student services were impeccable. Everywhere I go, my principals are impressed with my performance and they can't believe I am a new teacher. I am being considered for an Instructional Coach position in the future, and that says a lot about the program.”

- Yamaris Sierra-Rosario, Educator, Temple ISD

Louisiana College

ESC Region 12 Contact

Shirley Strong, Coordinator
(254) 297-1140  |  sstrong@esc12.net 

    • You must first complete the Region 12 Teacher Preparation and Certification training, then you can apply for the MAT.

      Through the coordinated efforts at ESC Region 12 and Louisiana College, the opportunity is now available (one of the first such programs in the state) to obtain your MAT. 

    • No.

      Even though ESC Region 12 can conditionally accept you one semester before you graduate with a bachelor’s degree, Louisiana College cannot.  

      However, once you receive your undergraduate degree, you can apply to Louisiana College’s Master’s program.

    • No.
    • Yes.

      Electronic transcripts should be emailed directly from the college/university to School of Education to be considered official: 


      Official paper transcripts that are sealed or sent directly from the college/university should be mailed to Anita at the following address:

      MAT Program, Louisiana College
      1140 College Drive Box 585
      Pineville, LA

      You should consider ordering more than one transcript.  You never know when you will need another copy.

    • Absolutely, but you can only enroll in a certain number of hours at Louisiana College per semester (check your degree plan).

    • There will be no extra work for the first 18 hours unless you are getting certified in a secondary or all-level area.

      The work that you are required to complete for TPCP classes will be documented, and will count towards the Master’s Program. 

    • You will have to do an independent study course in your subject area. Please contact Shirley Strong for more information.

    • 33 hours

      Remember, you will earn 18 hours by the time you complete TPCP’s Pre-Service. You will complete 15 hours of your Master’s during Internship Phase (teaching or clinical teaching) of the Teacher Preparation and Certification Program.

    •  School of Education:



  • ESC Region 12 and Louisiana College have arranged for the other 15 hours of instruction to be delivered online through Louisiana College.

  • No.

    You will not be required to travel to Louisiana unless you want to “walk” across the stage when you graduate and receive your MAT diploma.

    • Yes, you do if you want to receive Louisiana College credit toward your MAT.  

      You will need to apply to Louisiana College and register for the corresponding classes through them.

    • The dollar costs incurred for the MAT degree are separate from the costs of the ESC Region 12 Teacher Preparation and Certification Program.

      Louisiana College MAT: 13,596.00 (subject to change with each academic year).

    • As with any college, you pay for the college hours/courses in which you are enrolled.