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Schools Need Trained Tutors to Help Students Catch Up, Free Tutor Training This Summer

Its a HIT! High Impact Tutor Training

To support educators in their efforts to help students catch up from learning loss due to COVID-19 interruptions in instruction and continue to progress, ESC Region 12 is looking for individuals to train in the High Impact Tutoring (HIT) program. The center, which provides professional development to educators and school personnel, is looking for people interested in serving as tutors in schools in person and/or virtually to attend a one-day training.


 Through this one-day session, ESC Region 12 specialists will train individuals who are interested in seeking employment in Region 12 schools as tutors. This session provides the High Impact Tutor training recommended by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to prepare you to work as a school district tutor (remote or in-person). ESC Region 12 is not hiring or paying tutors. 

We will start the day with Best Practices for Classroom Tutors, followed by your choice of break-out session specific to the tutoring curriculum from Amplify (RLA), BookNook (RLA) and Zearn (Math).
Upon completion, you will receive a training certificate to aid your tutor job search. ESC Region 12 will ask you to complete a survey with your hiring information to share with local school districts looking to hire tutors for the school day and after school in the 2022-2023 school year.


For more information and to view upcoming session dates, visit