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Training to Improve Student Behavior & Increase Achievement, Free for Educators, Community Partners

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WACO, Texas – Several state entities are partnering to provide free social-emotional professional development to Texas teachers. The training, PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG), is a powerful evidence-based practice, consisting of instructional and behavioral health strategies to improve classroom behavior and educational outcomes, but also provide a lifetime of benefits for every child by improving self-regulation and co-regulation with peers. 

“Addressing social-emotional health in our students plays a critical role in how they behave and interact with each other and ultimately how well they can learn. “ESC Region 12 is excited to provide this for educators and partners to work together to maximize instruction time!” said School Safety Education Specialist Heather Wheeler.

Schools and classrooms that use it report a variety of outcomes over the years, including:


  • 50%-90% reduction in disruptive behavior.
  • up to 25% more time for teaching and learning, effectively the equivalent of an extra month of school.
  • 20%-50% increase in the number of children fully engaged in learning.
  • 10%-30% reduction in the need for special education services.
  • 30%-60% reduction in referrals, suspensions, and expulsion.


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Good Behavior Game Initial Training for Educators - Provides teachers and staff with skills and strategies necessary to implement Evidence-Based Kernels that decrease problematic behaviors, improve academic performance, and increase student engagement

July 30 - PAX Good Behavior Game Initial Training 8-3 

PAX Tools for Human Services/Campus Partners (Administrators, counselors, community partners, caregivers and parents) - Provides a unified approach for organizations and professionals across the system of care. This allows youth-serving professionals to improve youth outcomes by incorporating research-based, trauma-informed, strategies into their professional role. 

August 3 - PAX Tools for Human Services/Campus Partners

All training is provided online. Additional dates may be available by contacting Heather Wheeler at 254.297.1166 at

This training was made available by PAXIS, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and ESC Region 13.