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Student Support & Counseling

There are many aspects of remote learning that we must consider and prepare for, including the mental health of ourselves and our students during this time. This page contains links to weekly zoom meetings with counselors across the state during school closures; resources for parents to keep kids informed and calm; and other resources for mental health during these uncertain times.



For additional student support resources not specific to COVID-19, please visit our School Counselor Handbook for Online Learning and Resources (SCHOLAR) homepage.

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Jeni Janek
(254) 297-1124

Crisis Text Line


If you or your student are feeling anxious about the current COVID-19 quarantine, Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor.





We've compiled some helpful articles and resources for educators and parents to reference as they work with students to manage anxieties and mental health. 



We will be holding weekly zoom meetings from 9 - 11 a.m. CT for counselors across the region to assess regional needs for school counselors and their programs, and devising ways to help our schools through the quarantine timespan.




You can register for this FREE, weekly, virtual meeting here.


Thursdays - 9 - 11 a.m. - Session #204549 - FREE

Please join us and mute upon joining the group. We will be taking questions in the chat area and will disseminate information, as they will likely be in response to state mandates regarding COVID-19.


All webinars and zoom recordings will be archived by date here. Click on the toggles below to view.

  • Each meeting will have a link sent out with the FAQ.  This week’s meeting can be accessed by visiting the webinars tab above, or by clicking here.
  • While that is a local decision, there are many options such as using Google Forms, using a QR Code that links to a Google Doc, and several Apps such as Zoiper, Parchment, and Scribble for students to request a transcript.  It is important to ensure that you are in communication with and coordinating with the person who is sending out transcripts if it is not you.  The law notes that all requests for official transcripts are to come through TREx or be mailed to university/college.  Any copies given directly to a student or parent are unofficial. Be sure that if there are options for this, that your counselor portal on your district’s website is easy to navigate and you can point students and parents back to this for requests that come to you.
  • Yes, the student, as long as they pass the US History class (as well as all other required credits) can graduate.
  • Students will have to retake the test in the future - it is not waived.
  • Currently there is no guidance in relation to this situation.  Once we are given more information, we will disseminate it to the group.  Be sure you are working on an internal method (such as the “exempt” feature in your SIS for seniors) to document students who are in this situation until we have more information. 
  • At this time, current TEA guidance is open to interpretation.  We will wait for more clarification from TEA before disseminating an answer to this question.
  • TSIA testing is an open administration test and there are no windows for it.  Once schools are allowed to be back in session, students may take the TSIA either at their school (if it is a designated testing site), or their local college.  There are also remote testing options available - please click here for more information.
  • We will address PGP’s during our next webinar on March 26, 2020 at 9:00AM. you may register for Session #204549 on our site here. All webinars will be recorded and posted on the webinar tab above or by visiting this link.
  • TEA is working on a resource handout to help with this question.  Their deadline is 4:30PM March 19, so it should be distributed soon.  In regards to Industry Based Certifications (IBC’s), they are not tied into one particular course, but are incorporated in with an aligned program of study.  They can be earned throughout the year, so they can be earned later this year (when we get back to normal) or even during the summer.  Each IBC is different so some of the requirements can be met online or independently from the school setting.  


    As soon as we receive the resources from TEA we will be sure to share them.

  • We will ask for further guidance from TEA. In the interim, if students participate in the course, they may screenshot their participation and completion and upload the image into a student portal or email to you, if your district desires this documentation. 
  • You can join our listerv here to ensure you receive all relevant information. 
  • Please see the link to TEA’s Coronavirus page and scroll to SPED & Special Populations.  You may also contact Chris Griffin at or at 254-297-1163.
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