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The 2016 Connect3 Regional Career and


Technical Education (CTE) Conference is scheduled for June 8 - 10, 2016.  Learn more about the sessions & register.

This conference invites teachers and education administrators to participate in networking and building a repertoire of strategies for increased success in the classroom and academic integration into CTE classrooms. This year, Connect3 will be joining forces with General Education and adding a science technology engineering and math (STEM) component which will include two days of collaboration among CTE, science, technology, engineering and math content.

This conference will provide a premier professional learning experience to help teachers, counselors and administrators enhance their skills and continue to build partnerships. Come learn about cutting edge practices in STEM and CTE, student engagement, transition guidance, instructional partnerships and management efficiencies. A major focus of this year’s conference is on endorsements and graduation planning. Join us for information packed sessions that will positively impact your students. 

The name Connect3 symbolizes the important connection between college, certifications and careers for a successful CTE and Core curriculum.

About CTE:
CTE is as the forefront of educational reform and is leading dynamic change that will positively impact students across the nation for the next decade and beyond. Across the state of Texas, CTE educators are building strong instructional partnerships with business and industry that provide relevance to a rigorous curriculum in courses in every career cluster and endorsement. CTE believes in communication and partnership among all stakeholders to provide the very best educational opportunities for students. Visit the CTE website for more information and the HB5 website for information on graduation planning and endorsements.

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